Chiang Mai Night Safari

Attraction 33 Moo 12 Hang Dong District 50230, Thailand Published on: 15-06-2016

2 hours
11:00 AM - 10:00 PM
06:00 PM
08:00 PM
First-time visit
Parks & Aquarium
3.00 USD

Chiang Mai Night Safari is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
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Chiang Mai Night Safari is the 3rd of world’s night zoo after the Night Safari in Singapore and China Night Safari in Ghuangzhou.

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Why Chiang Mai Night Safari is special ?

A spectacular sight to enjoy for people of all ages is a trip to the Chiang Mai Night Safari. It is considered by many to be the most beautiful Night Safari in the world. Twice the size of the Singapore Night Safari it stands on over 300 acres, just 10km from the centre of Chiang Mai. You can arrange you own transport to get to the Chiang Mai Night Safari or there is a free return mini bus that runs every evening from outside the Tourist Police office in the middle of the Night Bazaar.

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What to explore at Chiang Mai Night Safari?

Digital Zoo Shows information about animals with digital tools such as an interactive wall exhibition, an interactive floor, interactive laser gun, 3D POP UP, multi touch table, hologram, 3D motion picture, piano step and music touch wall.

Night Safar In this activity the visitor will travel by bus to visit two animal zones. The visitor will go to the Savanna Zone. First, the visitors will see animals such as giraffes, zebras and kangaroos. Next at the Predator Zone, the visitor will see many predators such as tigers, lions and hyenas.

Day Safari. Visitors will travel by bus to visit the Carnivore Zone and the Predator Zone. First, the bus will go into the carnivore Zone and the visitor will give food to animals.

Behind the Zoo. Behind the Zoo is a chance to learn about taking care of animals. Visitors can touch the animals and bathe the animals. This activity has staff teaching about bathing and cleaning animals.

Jaguar trail Zone. The Jaguar trail Zone is a walking zone. There are a lot of animals that the visitor can learn about animals by themselves.

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Selling points

  • Full of fun
  • The Giraffes made it
  • Excellent Family night out
  • A place for your children
  • Fantastic and fun
Active Chiang Mai in 5 Days

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33 Moo 12 Hang Dong District 50230, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Must see Tiger show
    What to see
  • The show is very crowded, so get there very early if you want seats high enough that people standing in front won’t block your view
  • Check the show time carefully before you visit
  • Be prepared for night photos and movies without flash
  • Price: Day& Night Safari: 800 Bath for adult; 400 Bath for kid, Jaguar trail Zone(Walking Only): 100 Baht for adult:50 Baht for kid
    Ticket and Pricing
  • There is dancing show with Ladyboys before the lazer water show. Make sure you have enough time to walk around and see all the animals on the other side of the lake.


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Excellent experience for the whole family. Kids (5,10 and 13 old) was over exited. Be prepared for night photos and movies without flash. The place is very well organised. They sell vegetables for feeding the animals. There are signs,not to feed zebras,because they bite,but we feed giraffes,antelope,even a wild pig who run after our track for a piece of carrot. Very,very nice. The only thing what I didn't like is the tigers show,because the amphitheatre is not well organise and there is not enough sits,so if you don't arrive there on time,will not be able to see anything,specially kids,as everybody are just standing and pushing for better view.

FourSquare View more

This place was awesome. I liked the night predator show the most. Definitely, going back for some more

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