Cheonjeyeon Waterfall

Attraction Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo-si Saekdal-dong 3381-1 Published on: 13-11-2015

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According to a legend, Cheonjeyon Falls means "the pond of God" where nymphs descend to take a bath. The first cascade of Cheonjeyon Waterfall is 22 m high

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Why Cheonjeyeon Waterfall is special ?

According to a legend, Cheonjeyon Falls means "the pond of God" where nymphs descend to take a bath. The first cascade of Cheonjeyon Waterfall is 22 m high and the water forms a pond 21 m in depth. The water flows farther along to form the second cascade of 30 m high. Up from Cheonjeyon Falls is the stunning arch bridge Seonimkyo, which is also called Seven Nymphs Bridge. Water springs from a spot between the precipice of the waterfall and the lower clay layer. From the ceiling of a cave located east of the first waterfall, the water drops and grows into several streams of water. Since it is gushing out of stony ground, the water has been used for curing diseases as well as for drinking. From ancient times, people have believed that they can recover from any disease if they stand under a waterfall on either the Buddhist All Souls Day or Cheoseo Day (at the end of August). Right next to the falls is Yeomiji Botanical Gardens and many other tourist attractions.

What to explore at Cheonjeyeon Waterfall?

Cheonjeyeon Waterfall, not to be confused with the Cheonjiyeon Waterfall, is a three-tier waterfall located on Jeju Island

The warm temperate forest around Cheonjeyeon Waterfall was designated Natural Monument No. 378 in 1993 because of the rare plants it contains and its value for scientific research. Rare plants such as the solipnan plants or skeleton fork fern can be found around the falls in the crevices of rocks.

Since ancient times, it is thought that standing under the waterfall on the 15th day of the seventh lunar month can cure diseases by the eighth lunar month, though swimming is now prohibited. On the May of even-numbered years, the Chilseonyeo Festival is held at this location. The waterfall is one of the three famous waterfalls of Jeju, the other two being Cheonjiyeon Waterfall and Jeongbang Waterfall.

Above the falls is Seonimgyo Bridge, which symbolizes the legend of Cheonjeyeon.


How to get to Cheonjeyeon Waterfall?

From Jeju Airport, take Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 that goes via Jungmun and Seogwipo and get off at Yeomiji Botanical Garden (15 min interval / 50 min ride). Walk 5-10 min to the entrance of Yeomiji Botanical Garden. Purchase tickets there.

Taxi takes 30-40 min from Jeju Airport.

From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take Seogwipo bound intercity bus and get off at Jungmun Resort (50 min ride). Walk 5-10 min.

Taxi takes 30-40 min from the bus terminal.


Selling points

  • Pleasant little falls in a nice little park
  • Take a walk up and down. Enjoy three falls
  • A nice place to visit in Jeju-do
  • Breathtaking By Day
  • One of the beautiful waterfalls in Jungmun complex
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Jeju Special Self-Governing Province Seogwipo-si Saekdal-dong 3381-1

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Tips for you

  • There are some food traders on the grounds who sold pineapples, tangerines and other items.
  • There are also disabled parking lot and toilet for the Handicapped
  • This waterfall is very close to many of the hotels in Seogwipo.
  • Group: Adults 2,050 won / Teenagers & Children 850 won Group: 10 or more People.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You cannot swim at this waterfall


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“Fantastic Waterfall” Cheonjeyeon Falls is one of many beautiful waterfalls in Jeju Island. Three of the most famous waterfalls are all located near Seogwipo. While the waterfall is indeed beautiful, there is not much hiking. Yet, what makes Cheonjeyeong Falls unique is that its really a series of waterfalls. For visitors not into long treks up Hallasan mountain, these waterfall excursions, may just be the next best thing. All visitors of Jeju island should experience some of its natural wonders, whether it be the caves, mountains, craters, rugged coast, or waterfalls. The great thing is regardless of you being a outdoors type of person or not, you can easily enjoy the beautiful coast and waterfalls. Cheonjeyeon is worth a visit for travellers in the Seogwipo area, it is nearby and is a pleasant way to enjoy 1-2 hours

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