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Attraction Checheng Village, Shuili Town, Nantou, Taiwan Published on: 02-11-2016

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Checheng is the terminal station of Nantou Tourist Railroad-Jiji line. It was famous for the power station, the lumbering, and the coal industry.

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How to get to Checheng Station?

1. Jhong Jhang Highway (Provincial Road No. 74) → Provincial Road No. 14→ Caotun→ Puli (Provincial Road No. 21)→ Yuchih (Provincial Road 131)→ Checheng

2. National Highway No. 1→ Wang Tian Interchange→ Provincial Road No. 14→ Fen Yuan → Provincial Road No. 14 Yi→ Nantou → Provincial Road No. 3→ Ming Jian → Provincial Road No. 16→ Ji Ji→ Shuei Li → County Road No. 131→ Checheng

3. National Highway No. 1 → Dou Nan Interchange→ Provincial Road No. 3→ Dou Liou、Lin Nei、Jhu Shan → Provincial Road No. 16 Jia →Ji Ji → Provincial Road No. 16→ Shuei Li → County Road No. 131→ Checheng

4. By Train:From Taijhong or Er Shuei, take train to Ji Ji, Shuei Li and get off at Checheng Station




Checheng Village, Shuili Town, Nantou, Taiwan

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Tips for you

  • You can walking around the old train station, having a traditional meal, and making your own wooden stool in there.


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We travelled to Checheng on the "green" bus from Sun Moon Lake to make a round trip back to Taipei, and thoroughly enjoyed a couple of hours in this lovely little town. There's a really interesting display of the history of logging in the area, good restaurants, interesting buildings and the staff at the visitors' centre were really helpful.

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We took a train from Jiji old street. It was a fun train ride for the kids. This area used to be an old logging mill and has been converted into a logging museum. There are things for small kids to do like feeding the ducks and fishes. There are a few cafes and restaurants. We had our lunch here for the day. This place is good as a lunch stop-over if you are en route to sun moon lake

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