Che Kung Temple (Sha Tin)

Attraction Che Kung, Miu Rd, Tai Wai, Hong Kong Published on: 05-08-2016

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The Che Kung Temple near Tai Wai, in Sha Tin District, New Territories, is the best known temple in Hong Kong.

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Why Che Kung Temple (Sha Tin) is special ?

The Che Kung Miu near Tai Wai, in Sha Tin District, New Territories, is the best known example in Hong Kong. This temple, on Che Kung Miu Road, is located midway between Tai Wai and Che Kung Temple stations of the MTR. The temple was built in honour of "Che Kung" or "General Che", a great general of Song Dynasty(宋朝) . It was said that during an epidemic that broke out in Sha Tin in late Ming Dynasty, residents of Sha Tin found out from historical writings that Che Kung was not only merited for his successful suppression of uprisings, he was also known for clearing epidemics wherever he set foot in. People therefore built a temple to house Che Kung in Sha Tin. The epidemic subsided, so the story goes, on the day the construction of the temple was completed.


What to explore at Che Kung Temple (Sha Tin)?

The current Che Kung temple, in Japanese-style, is eight times the size of the old one. Perhaps seeming a little out of place due to its unique architecture, the Che Kung Temple, situated in Sha Tin’s Tai Wai area, is housed within a modern building. Built in dedication to General Che, this historically celebrated Chinese soldier is worshipped and revered for his courage. Adjacent to the altar in this open-air temple are two enormous bells, whilst behind the altar and statue of Che Kung lies a curiously named "wheel of fortune" said to bring good luck to those who spin it three times.


How to get to Che Kung Temple (Sha Tin)?

Che Kung Miu is located in between Tai Wai Station on the East Rail Line and Che Kung Temple Station on the Ma On Shan Line. Arriving at either station, take Exit B and cross the road. From Che Kung Temple Station walk right for 10 minutes. From Tai Wai station walk left for 10 minutes.

It is also possible to reach the temple by bus. Coming from Hong Kong Island, take bus 170 or 182 towards Sha Tin and get off just before Che Kung Temple station.


Selling points

  • A must place to visit
  • Place for blessing on your work and wealthy
  • Clean and serene temple
  • Great experience of Chinese respectable culture
  • A historical and peaceful temple
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Che Kung, Miu Rd, Tai Wai, Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • Once you enter the main gate, there is a stall selling sets of incense on your left. The bigger the set (more incense sticks) the more expensive.
    What to buy
  • As long as one is discreet and sensitive, photography is not a problem.
  • There are four Che Kung Festivals each year. They fall on the 2nd day of the first lunar month, the 27th day of the third lunar month, the 6th day of the sixth lunar month and the 16th day of the eighth lunar month.
  • You can combine your visit with the Hong Kong Heritage museum, across the ShingMun river and Shatin Park which makes the trip more memorable.
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  • You should note that fortune tellers often gather to ply their trade at the left of the entrance.
    What to know
  • Admission to the temple is free and visitors can always donate money to support the maintenance of the temple.
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If you are seeking for place for blessing on your work and wealthy, here's the place. The temple has called another name as "Windmill Temple". As the person who comes to worship Che Kung God. They will also turn the golden windmill inside the temple. Four wings of the windmills represent different meanings. So they believe that if you are looking for the blessing, you should turn the windmill in round clock. But if you feel that you have bad luck, you just turn the windmill another way round. Beside, there's God of Wealth ; Chai Sing Aey which located on the right. And on your left, you can bless with the God of your Sign. The temple is quite away from MTR. Normally people take the MTR-Che Kung Temple. But it needs to take a u turn under the bridge and take long walk around 5 minutes to temple. But If you take the MTR-Tai Wai. You just walk across the stores and get into the front door of the temple.

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