Chau Srei Vibol

Attraction Road 99, Siem Reap, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Chau Srei Vibol in Cambodia is a small charming temple on top of a hill which hardly sees any visitors - very few non-locals have heard of it, and it is set just far enough away from the main tourist routes.

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Why Chau Srei Vibol is special ?

Chai Say Vibol is the vastest temple complex in the Angkor plains that is situated outside the Archaeological Park. It lies to the east of Angkor and to the north-east of Roluos. It is an "off the beaten track" monument. It is most probably from the Angkor Wat period in the first half of the century.

What to explore at Chau Srei Vibol?

At the basis of Chau Say Vibol there is a new pagoda belonging to a Buddhist monastery. It is situated within the medieval temple compound, but you will scarcely notice that: The original outer enclosure wall and the moat are not visible any more. What you see at the car park - and what seems to be large enough for an outer temple wall of considerable length - , indeed, is only the second enclosure. It is a laterite wall with sandstone Gopuram gates at the cardinal points. Some lintels are preserved.

Inside this vast compound there are two completely different structures worth a visit, one is on the top of the natural hillock in the very centre, the other one is at its southern basis. Both are in ruins, but well recognizable.

On the top of the hill there is an ensemble of sandstone edifices with a more common layout. An enclosure gallery surrounds a central Prasat and a library, which is one of the few intact buildings.


How to get to Chau Srei Vibol?

You can reach the temple via NH6, passing through the Roluos group and turning left at Rokar Kampot. Chau Srei Vibol is on the dirt road between Phnom Bok and Roluos at about 8 kilometers north.


Selling points

  • Away from the crowed and just beautiful
  • Taking back the nature
  • a special beauty and soul
  • An underestimated jewel in the forest
  • A hidden Treasure
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Road 99, Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Access to Chau Srei Vibol is quite difficult due to the condition of the road
  • One of the Chau Srei Vibol highlights is the enormous tree that has grown out of the sanctuary building.
    What to see
  • Some of the temple galleries have collapsed and there are big stone blocks spread over the floor of the temple.
    What to see
  • A modern pagoda hall (Vihan) nearby, here on top of the hill, is a striking contrast to the original temple in ruins.
    What to see
  • You should bring along a hat and sunscreen as the sun is really something.
    What to bring
  • There is a monastic complex at the base of the hill. You can ask your driver to wait here and approach the temple from the north as the path has been cleared.
  • There is a set of a steep steps on the west entrance that will take you to the top of the hill where the central sanctuary is
  • Not much is known about Chau Say Vibol, because of the lack of inscriptions.
  • A visitor should neither expect intact buildings nor delicious works of art, because Chau Say Vibol is unrestored.
  • Afternoon hours are slightly more recommendable than morning hours for a visit of Chau Say Vibol as the weather wil be more comfortable
  • The school nearby is an attraction itself, with scores of playing children jumping each other to get their picture taken.
    Things nearby


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We went to Chau Srei Vibol with the Sabai cycle tours and it is an absolutely stunning temple and the best was we had it for ourselves. At the temple is also a nice little Pagoda with the monks and playing kids!

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Chau Srei Vibol is definitely worth a visit, even though I must admit it is easier to do in a car than in a tuktuk. The school nearby is an attraction itself, with scores of playing children jumping each other to get their picture taken.

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Chau Srei Vibol is temple not frequented by tourists. It is located in an area between Phnom Bok to the north and the Roluos Group to the south.Disclaimer: I went there by tuktuk and my tuktuk driver knew the way to the temple. He also knows his way around the site, especially going to the center of Chau Srei Vibol. If you want, you may contact him as he can be hired for the day to be your tuktuk driver to take you anywhere around the Angkor Archaeological Park. His name is Sovan. His number is +855-92-501-691. He can also be contacted via email at [email protected] You are assured of a reply in less than 12 hours, if not, in less than a day. He may be the best hired tuktuk driver around so give him a try!Getting there could be very problematic. So, here's a way to get there: from Siem Reap, take the National Road 6 toward Phnom Penh. You will need to pass the Roluos Group completely. Around the Roluos Group area, National Road 6 is a straight road. You will know if you pass the Roluos Group once you see National Road 6 bending to your right. Look to your left and once you see a petrol station turn left to the road beside it. The road is called Road 99 but no road marker is there to tell you so, so don't miss that turn.Once you're at Road 99, you just need to continue on. After some 5-10 minutes, you will see a mountain in the distance in front of you, that is Phnom Bok. Phnom Bok should always be in front of you. If it goes to your side or to your back as you seem to travel to Chau Srei Vibol, you have passed the turn to take you to Chau Srei Vibol. Road 99, from National Road 6, continues on straight. When it turns to the left, you are nearing the turn to take you to Chau Srei Vibol. You must complete this turn and go on. You will see Road 99 going straight again and Phnom Bok still at a distance in front of you. Continue on for about 5 minutes.Look to your right as the turn will be at your right side. You will know when to turn when you see some signs under some huts and there's some colored flags. There is no sign saying "this way to Chau Srei Vibol" in English. This path to the right is a dirt path so hang on to your seat as the ride gets bumpy. Continue on until you see a parking lot. Once you're there, get off and the entrance to Chau Srei Vibol is at the right of a huge damaged wall presumably an enclosure of the complex.Chau Srei Vibol is a very quiet place without any tourists most of the time which means less of the locals who go to you to sell stuff and are hard to shake off. However, there is a mute man there who may want to show you around, but he may seem a shady character so bring your tuktuk driver as you visit the complex. He will still try and follow you and your tuktuk driver to show you around even when your tuktuk driver is there already to provide you of that service. Note that the mute man is not a threat to your safety and may just be there to guide you. Still, just to be safe, have your tuktuk driver around as you make your tour.To get to the complex's center, continue on the path after the entrance. To your left side are ruins of the complex's enclosure. If you see part of the enclosure which is low enough for you to climb and get to the other side, do so. Continue on the other side of the enclosure and once you see a path to your left, turn left and follow the path. The center is elevated on a natural hill so you must see some "stairs" going up the hill. Continue on until you see a modern-day temple built in front of the Chau Srei Vibol ruins.Chau Srei Vibol is in a very bad state. The central complex is small and almost everything have collapsed except a few structures propped up by wooden supports. This ruined state of Chau Srei Vibol is perfect if you want to go all adventurous and climb to the top of toppled towers and hallways. There are all over the place and they are huge. Some stones form a huge pile of stones which may have formed a tall structure before collapse. You can try to climb these stones as they are stable enough to carry a person's weight. There is a part of this central complex where a tree has taken over a part of the structure. It merits taking a wonderful shot of.You might wonder why Chau Srei Vibol hasn't been given any effort of rebuilding. The answer to this was given by my tuktuk driver. He said that there aren't many tourists going to Chau Srei Vibol so the government will not give too much effort to this temple complex as it does to other more well-known temple complexes around Angkor. That's just a sad fact about Chau Srei Vibol.Chau Srei Vibol's uniqueness is a more ruined state than Ta Prohm but with lesser trees hanging on the structures. The complex is also not famous so it's not frequented by large tour groups of noisy tourists so you can have Chau Srei Vibol all for yourself during your visit.

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We went to Chau Srei Vibol with the Sabai cycle tours and it is an absolutely stunning temple and the best was we had it for ourselves. At the temple is also a nice little Pagoda with the monks and playing kids!

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