Chau Doc Floating Market

Attraction Bạch Đằng Châu Phú A, Châu Đốc An Giang Published on: 13-11-2015

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Chau Doc floating market features the lifestyle of riverside residents. The charming market has been the most attractive destination for tourists.

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Why Chau Doc Floating Market is special ?

Chau Doc Floating Market was formed a long time ago. Life of local people here is always "attached" to boats. Boats are their greatest shelters. For the locals, phrase "Chau Doc Floating Market" is not popular; they are familiar with the beloved word "ra ghe" meaning “come to boats”. Those words stand for activities of exchange and sales at Chau Doc Floating Market. The floating market is always full of boats and people. Owners of these boats come from different places in this country. They carry products from other places to here, and then sell them to the locals and tourists. Guests of the floating market come from different places. They buy goods then freight to distant places for reselling.


What to explore at Chau Doc Floating Market?

In this floating market, sellers do not appeal buyers by "ad language". They promote their products by a unique way. Sellers will hang things that they want to sell on a long pole plugged into the river. There are tens of boats in this market; they carry various goods and products. All boats come back to the dock and line up neatly. Once coming to Chau Doc Floating Market, you will have a chance to visit one of the most important key economic regions of An Giang and Mekong Delta. This market plays an important part in the socio-economic development of the province. It is not simply a trading area of both locals and tourists, but also a place of southern cultural features.


How to get to Chau Doc Floating Market?

The floating market is in the middle of the wide Hau River which means you’ll need to visit it from a boat to see it in any detail. You can organise a boat through your hotel or head down to the water the afternoon before and find a boat operator yourself. Expect to pay 100,000 - 200,000 VND depending on how long you plan to cruise.


Selling points

  • The charming floating market place
  • The lifestyle of riverside residents
  • Plenty of business in early hours
  • How people make their own living
  • Interesting trading of fruits and vegetables
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Bạch Đằng Châu Phú A, Châu Đốc An Giang

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Tips for you

  • Using larger boats means you’ll be able to reposition yourself for optimal angles, and there is a small deck with unobstructed views in the back of the boat.
  • The market typically starts early, reaching its peak at around 6-7am and tapering until noon.
  • They are best explored on a small sampan with a local guide. You can also visit the merchant ships and taste the fresh fruits.
    Things to do
  • You can feed a basa fish right on the boat.
    Things to do
  • There are small boats for hire from the Chau Doc promenade next to the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel. Do not expect the drivers to speak much English. Do expect to haggle on pricing.


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What an special experience we had! It’s our first time in Vietnam and what we had in my mind was the amazing floating market in Chau Doc. It’s extremely interesting to learn how peole make their own business in such the riverside land! All the trading occurred on the river with lots of goods. We was so impressive by the lively lifestyle and the charming sceneries. It’s truly a picture of life. Very different and special feeling. Please don’t miss this! Awesome!

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