Chaoyang Theater

Attraction 36 E 3rd Ring Rd N Chaoyang, Beijing China 100020 Published on: 09-08-2016

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05:15 PM - 08:30 PM
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The Chaoyang Theatre is the most-talked about acrobatic theatre in Beijing, where you can enjoy a high quality of acrobatic performance.

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Why Chaoyang Theater is special ?

The Chaoyang Theatre is the most-talked about acrobatic theatre in Beijing, where you can enjoy a high quality of acrobatic performance.

Chaoyang Theatre works mainly on the performance of acrobatic show. Established in 1984, the theatre covers an area of 3,000 sq. m, including a hall and three movie halls. In 1986 it was assigned by Beijing Municipality as the fixed place for tourism performance and was designated as the National Cultural Advanced Unit by Ministry of Culture of People’s Republic of China. In order to meet the need of tourism market, the theatre put forward a notion of “Acrobatics World” to enrich the contents.


What to explore at Chaoyang Theater?

Advantageous geographical position, together with easy access of traffics and individualized space, makes it an important performance place to fuel the business life in Beijing. Foreign presidents and the IOC officers spoke highly of its excellent acrobatics performance. Foreigners can learn about Beijing through it. Chaoyang Theatre builds up a bridge between Chinese traditional culture and the world. It exhibits the profoundness of Chinese acrobatics to the world.

Chinese acrobatics is a pearl in the treasure house and ranks among the best arts in the world, The history of acrobatic show has been existent for more than two thousand years. Since the middle of this century, great efforts to foster and develop national arts and acrobatics have gained a new life. Every night Chaoyang theatre opens up its treasure trove to bring in the best that almost leaves you speechless.


How to get to Chaoyang Theater?

By Subway : Subway line 6 or 10 Hujialou Stop exit C1, 100 meters south of the stop.

By Bus: 9, 112, 118, 101, 830, 846, 859, 420, 611, or 113 to Hujialou Station

By Taxi: about 28 RMB from the city center.


Selling points

  • Awesome performances, a must watch in Beijing
  • Stunning show intact mind blowing
  • Superb performance from Beijing's finest actors
  • Fabulous, electrifying acts
  • The best Acrobatic show in Beijing
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36 E 3rd Ring Rd N Chaoyang, Beijing China 100020

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Tips for you

  • The refreshments are not all that good. Perhaps bring your own munchies to enjoy.
    What to bring
  • Clients shall book the tickets 2 days in advance. Clients who book 580CNY and 680CNY tickets get souvenirs.
  • Cameras are allowed but make sure to turn off the flash. You can capture some awesome videos as mementos of your trip.
  • The window ticket prices depend on the row and floor. The price rates increase from 1st row to 9th row, and then decrease to the last row. The second floor seat prices are 180 RMB.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • There are two shows daily in the evenings, from 5:15 - 6:30pm, and from 7:15 - 8:30pm.


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What an amazing acrobatic show and having seen a dozen Cirque de Soleil shows over time I can see a number of acts coming from this. I went 9 years ago and the show itself has improved. motorcycles are brilliant as are the bicycles, the hats, the mask face person...I could go on. This is a MUST see show in Beijing. However booking tickets isn't easy and they can rip you off. I paid 700rmb for VIP seats but you can get them much cheaper if you search. The show was packed because it appears to me they fill ALL empty seats cheaply to Chinese people from all over. Sadly when I thought I had some peace I ended up having a bunch of rowdy Chinese from the villages who were loud. Everyone used their phones to photograph and talk regardless of what security said. The place was grubby and smelt and I'm sure one of the people around me peed themselves. So the aesthetics of the guests killed the show for me at times. This should have rated a 5+. The staff doesn’t care much for anything really. So the TIP is. Buy a cheap ticket as you can see well from everywhere. Get ready for around 75 minutes of nonstop action. I can get more value from a cirque show otherwise.

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