Chaoyang Park

Attraction NO. 1 Chaoyanggongyuannan Road, Beijing 100125, China Published on: 02-08-2016

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Chaoyang Park is the biggest park in Beijing. The park includes lots of running paths, pools, playgrounds, amusement and recreational facilities.

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Why Chaoyang Park is special ?

Chaoyang Park is the biggest park in Beijing is Chaoyang Park. It is also one of the newest of the city's public parks. Chaoyang District is the favorite district for expats, and it is close to the center of the city and big universities. The parks features including lots of running paths, pools, playgrounds, and amusement rides for kids help to make it an expat and tourist favorite. Kids will especially like the park's playgrounds and amusement and recreational facilities.

It is important to have a kid's playground and amusement siteclose to where kids live. Chaoyang Park on Nongzhan South Road is close to big international schools and residences in west-central Beijing, so you'll see more foreign kids there than at other parks in Beijing. "Chaoyang" means "sun facing," and it is a place for you and your kids to get some sun on a sunny day.

What to explore at Chaoyang Park?

The Ecological Valley: Located in the northern part, it is a natural valley between hills, characterized by a large water area and green space. Various aquatic plants, metasequoia trees, willows and other humidity resistant trees grow here. The source of the water is a ladder of cascades piled up by rocks.

Binshui Island: Situated by Lotus Lake (Lianhua Lake), it is the home for wild ducks. Composed of wooden platforms, pavilions and meadow, the environment is enriched by small and medium-sized sculptures to express the idea of naturalness, environmental protection and the balance of nature.

Art Square (Yishu Square): Located near the west gate, it is made up of a sunken oval fountain and two rectangular fountains. Fine artistic sculptures are scattered across the square, presenting beautiful rural landscapes of Vienna, Austria. It is a nice place with a heavy artistic atmosphere.

Resource of Life Scenic Area: It is built on the theme of natural life and is opened up in a large stretch of woods and combines greenness, running water and sport. Luxuriantly green trees grow prosperously on the rolling landform. Five colorful brooks flow from the woods. Over 200 luxury yachts, auto boats and various kinds of small boats shuttle back and forth on the lake. From nearby they look like every lotus flower when fully open. From a distance they appear as if millions of stars are shining in the sky.

Bathing Beach: It is located in the western part and was the venue for the beach volleyball competition of the Olympic Games. Originally, this place was the practice area for the beach volleyball competition; and after the Olympic Games were concluded, it was reconstructed into bathing beaches covering an area of 2.5 hectares. The sands for the beaches, famed for softness and comfort, were specially transported from Hainan Province. The bathing beaches can attract 3,000 tourists a day. You can practice beach volleyball here with your friends and swim in the open-air pool.

Blue Harbor (Solana): Located in the northwest of the park, it is the first lifestyle shopping center in China that combines shopping, conference and exhibition, catering, entertainment and recreation.

Cultural Activities: It holds various activities during the Spring Festival, May Day Holiday, National Day Holiday and other festivals. The Thailand Cultural Exhibition, Europe Cultural Exhibition, Cat and Dog Shows and other exhibitions have been successfully held here. Chaoyang International Exhibition started in 2002 has become the favorite of the local people during Spring Festival.


How to get to Chaoyang Park?


Take Subway Line 10 and get off at Tuanjiehu Station and out from Exit C. Then walk 20 minutes to the south gate of Chaoyang Lake. Or take bus at the bus station outside Exit C, two stops only.

Bus Route:

1. South Gate: take 214, 973, 499, 431, 673, 672, 302, 758, 406, 350, 731, 750, 675 and get off at Tian Shui Yuan Jie Bei Kou or Chao Yang Gong Yuan Qiao Xi

2. West Gate: take 682, 677, 985, 621, 419 at Chao Yang Gong Yuan Xi Men

3. East Gate: take 991, Yuntong 111, 988, 657, 753, and get off at Tian Shui Yuan Jie Bei Kou or Chao Yang Gong Yuan Dong Men

4. North Gate: take 418, Yuntong107, 677, 659, 621, 503, 420, 402, 413 and get off at Chao Yang Gong Yuan Bei Men


Selling points

  • Favorite of foreigners
  • Playground and amusement features for kids
  • Biggest park in Beijing
  • Amusement and recreational facilities.
  • Running and exercise paths
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NO. 1 Chaoyanggongyuannan Road, Beijing 100125, China

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Tips for you

  • In winter when the park is almost empty, it's very peaceful to spend the whole afternoon there.
  • Be prepared, it is a big park to walk around and quite a distance from the nearest metro station
  • Solana, a shopping area is just oposite the lake.
    Things nearby
  • There is a kids play land in the park with many kid & family friendly rides
    Things to do
  • One side you can take a nice a quite stroll through the park enjoying the scenery; on the other there are so many activities for children
    Things to do
  • Recommend renting a car-cycle to bike around the park to see what you want to do
    Things to do
  • You can go fishing and take a boat, it's definitely a weekend place for people living here
    Things to do


TripAdvisor View more

This is a really nice park that is huge and spacious.You could take your kids here for the mini amusement park in the inside.You can go fishing and take a boat, it's definitely a weekend place for people living here.Good place to go jogging in the City to get away from all those crazy cars driving on the street.Summary-On your list if you are living hereOff your list if your just visiting.Bathrooms conditions are okay.

TripAdvisor View more

We live in beijing and go from time to time in the Chaoyang park with our daughter because she loves it.... It´s a real kids´paradise ! It´s not only a park, it´s an amusement park with lots of caroussels, and activities ! You can fish, boat, feed the fish kois like babies with a baby bottle. Truly fun ! The entry is only 5 RMB but all activities a with extra charge: generally from 10 to 20 RMB is the average price.

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This is a great day out for a range of people, from older people like me to young families, the park has a range of facilities on offer that will please just about everyone, go when the pollution is low though if possible. Getting to it is a bit of a trial, we took the metro to Liangmaqiao, exiting at gate B we walked 1.8k along Liangmaquiao Rd (you have to cross the road but it's not too busy) to the north gate. The northern part of the park is tranquility itself, beautifully landscaped, lovely pond and gardens, perfect for chilling on a hot day. In contrast the southern part is a hive of activity with an amusement park with rides for all ages (cost 20-60RMB a ride), stalls selling a range of goods and foods, entertainment and other things to do. We spent a day there and intend to go back to see the parts we missed. Even we persons of middle age enjoyed the bustle, noise and food of the carnival. We exited the south gate, which can be a bit of a trial to find, and returned to the Metro at Tuanjiehu, Sanlitun for dinner along Chaoyang south park road, a walk of a further 1.6K. There are any number of buses from Tuanjiehu to the South gate but we like to walk.

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