Chao Phraya River & Waterways

Attraction 99 Moo3T.Bang Si Muang, A.Muang, Nonthaburi, 11000, Thailand Published on: 17-06-2016

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Chao Phraya River & Waterways is known as “Venice of the East” which has become a part of Thai people’s lives.

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Why Chao Phraya River & Waterways is special ?

Despite the fact that Bangkok has been developing as a modern city, the Chao Phraya River is still a charming feature appealing tourists all over the world when they come to Thailand. Forget all cars, taxis or motorbikes, you are now going through Thai culture while sitting on boats and visiting several famous tourist destination as Grand Palace, Wat Pho, Wat Arun,.. When the riverside is lightened up, the view is gorgeous.

What to explore at Chao Phraya River & Waterways?

River Boats and Ferries

Five public boat lines, all operated by the Chao Phraya Express Boat company, ply the same 21km route: 'local line', 'orange', 'yellow', 'blue' and 'green-yellow'. Operating between 06:00 and 19:30 daily, each is identifiable by the coloured flag hanging off its rear.

The rush-hour only 'local line' stops at all 34 piers, while the other four are express lines stopping at only selected piers. Only the Orange Flag Line, with its flat fee of 15 baht, runs all day and on weekends – for most journeys this fits the bill. The others stop at around 09:00 and begin again at around 16:00. Cross-river ferries operate at most major piers and will drop you to the other bank for 3.5 baht (see Chao Phraya Pier Guide for details).

'Tourist Boats' are another option, offering unlimited trips to nine prominent piers for a 150 baht flat fee (service hours: 09.30 - 15.00 daily). Not a bad deal if you plan to do a lot of hopping on and off over one day, want more comfort and the sites to be pointed out to you. Bear in mind though – these run every 30 minutes while the public lines used by locals typically run every 15 to 20 minutes. Other options for exploring the river include hiring a long-tail boat (usually includes trips down the city's canals), a river cruise or dinner cruise. All give a different perspective on this fascinating river.

Chao Phraya River

Phra Arthit Road runs parallel to the Chao Phraya River, stretching from Phra Sumen fort to Thammasat Universty. Lined with quaint shop-houses, cosy hole-in-the-wall restaurants, bars and cafés with live music, this is where the artsy type convene after sundown before hitting nearby Khao San Road. The nearest river pier is Phra Arthit Pier.

Thewet is scintillating. People come here to make merit by releasing fish or to feed the school of frenzied catfish scraps of bread. There's also a ramshackle yet photogenic wet market, and the Royal enclave of Dusit nearby. The nearest river pier is Thewet.

Oriental, the old Westerner Quarter with crumbling European architecture, antiques shops and the venerable Mandarin Oriental Hotel, where some of the 20th century's most eminent scribes once stayed. The nearest river pier is Oriental.

Pak Khlong Flower Market, a living breathing oriental market teeming with life and colour, is one of the most pleasant places to spend an early morning. Find fresh flowers of all species, fruits and vegetables at wholesale price. The nearest river pier is Rajinee.


Selling points

  • Relaxing boat cruise and awesome skyline
  • Day or night, simply many things to do!
  • If you want a taste of the local life.
  • A Real Bangkok
  • Excellent transport through Bangkok
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99 Moo3T.Bang Si Muang, A.Muang, Nonthaburi, 11000, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • All five lines that ply the water the Orange Flag is your best bet - it operates all day.
  • Price: Typically between 10 to 15 baht, though long journeys at peak hours can reach 30 baht (fares paid onboard).
    Ticket and Pricing
  • You can pay a tourist tour ticket at 150 baths. You can get on and off as many times as you like from Central pier up river to pier 13.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Some tour operators offer the dinner package on board where you can enjoy your meal while admiring the gorgeous surroundings.
    Things to do
  • After the morning rush-hour, boats come every 20 minutes until around 16:00 when other lines kick into action and boats appear more frequently. If completely confused by the melee, another more comfortable option is a 'Tourist Boat', though these only come every 30 minutes.


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Within easy reach for tourists, affordable.. Do not miss other tourist attractions which are nearby. Grand Palace, Temple of Dawn, and if we are not mistaken, the Eminent Bhudda as well. A short taxi ride will take you to Victory Monument. Our disappointment was not able to go inside the Grand Palace because we did not know it closes at 4 pm. We came after visiting Tailing Floating Market which we truly enjoyed the experience and the feasting . Unbelievable, able to see all these places in one trip. We did not see the Eminent temple also because we assumed on a see one see all basis.Tailing Floating Market is a small market, but it did not disappoint . We struggled with having to travel 100 km to see the main floating market where all the tourists go or the easy one and we were glad to make the correct decision . We met German and Canadian tourists who made similar choice.

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