Changi Singapore International Airport

Attraction Airport Blvd, Singapore Published on: 22-01-2016

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Singapore Changi International Airport, or the more popular by first calling is simply Changi Airport as a hub of international air transport are large and very important gateway to Asia in general and Southeast Asia say own.

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Why Changi Singapore International Airport is special ?

Changi Airport in Singapore (airport code SIN) is the world's 17th busiest airport serving 100 international airlines to more than 60 countries. Built just 30 years ago, Changi has come a long way from just one terminal in 1988 to four terminals today. Terminal 1 is currently undergoing renovations to be completed in 2012. Terminal 2 was renovated in 2006 and Terminal 3 opened in 2008 and is connected to the rest of the airport via Skytrain. The Budget Terminal serves low-cost carriers in Asia. The entire airport handles over 19 million passengers every year. Changi has received the World's Best Airport award from Ultratravel Magazine the last four years.

2 Days in Singapore

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Airport Blvd, Singapore

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Tips for you

  • Check in early. There is so much you can discover on that really big airport! Just give it a try.
  • Fastest airport in the world, 15mins out of the plane and on your way to the city. You just need to walk straight and you will be there! You can buy simcards and other tickets at the info counter.
  • Smooth at the immigration counters. Immigration officials quite professional and friendly. Never had any issues at this airport and is highly recommended.
  • Food court with all the Singapore Street Food is totally worth checking out in Terminal 3
  • They don't allow you to bring any drinks on the plane. Do not buy any before boarding! They will make you throw it away as you enter the gate. You will be mad for wasting your money.
  • Spacious, friendly staff and environmen
  • Free WiFi, free food massage, free cinema, super clean and cosy. If you fly with SQ, get a free 40 dollar shopping voucher near tax return place.
  • There is a smoking lounge. Ask the info desk for directions
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