Chamang Waterfall

Attraction 28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia Published on: 16-04-2016

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Chamang Waterfall, or Air Terjun Chamang, nestled within the rainforest region of Bukit Tinggi, is a beautiful waterfall just 10km outside the Pahang town of Bentong.

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How to get to Chamang Waterfall?

The Chamang Fall can be reached by taking the road from Bentong to Raub. Just outside Bentong there is a signposted junction where you turn left. After about 10 km you will reach the Recreation Park.

Selling points

  • Great view and the water is icy cold
  • Breathtaking and relaxing afternoon trip
  • Good location for relax
  • Chill out with Mother Nature
  • Fresh air, cool water, relaxing site
A wonderful trip to Malaysia

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134.90 USD
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28700 Bentong, Pahang, Malaysia

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Tips for you

  • You have to be careful when coming here with kids because of slippery rocks, fast moving water and hidden whirlpools.
  • There is a large car park right next to the waterfall so you don’t need to do any hiking.
  • There are some calmer pools further away from the falls which are safer for paddling and playing.
    Things to do
  • There is a pedestrian suspension bridge to reach the far bank where many like to picnic or even camp.
    Things to do


TripAdvisor View more

Chamang falls is one of the biggest (natural) waterfall I have seen (yet). We (4 adults and 3 kids) went there on an afternoon excursion. As instructed by many reviews I had read we passed the first car park and went to the second car park which is right at the waterfalls. You really don't see the waterfalls until the very last second and its revealed to you as an awesome breathtaking surprise. Btw, we went there on a weekday so there weren't any crowds and plenty of available parking. A guy at the entrance of the parking charged RM 2 per adult and RM 1 per kid for entry. There is a tiny beach near the parking lot (great for sand play) and a shallow area across the suspension bridge (great for a dip for kids). The current wasn't that strong and adults can easily cross from side to side. BE WARNED: to check currents before attempting to cross as it may vary due to rain further up the river, also people are warned not to hang around the cascade rocks as there might be a flash flood. We spent almost the whole afternoon at the falls and the kids had a great time. Us parents were pretty relaxed as well. There are picnic areas available if you want to do a BBQ (which is not a bad idea after a cold swim). An easier and fuss free idea is to take some hot water in a flask and some cup noodles so that you can eat it at the falls. PLEASE MAKE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR OWN THRASH AFTERWARDS. And one more thing, the changing rooms are closed by 5 pm, but you can always use the toilets to change (a bit dirty but does the job).

FourSquare View more

Great for picnics/camping/jungle trailing and trekking! Stay away from the waterfall as it has powerful current. Have fun :)

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