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Attraction Cat Cat Village, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, VietNam Published on: 04-03-2016

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Cat Cat Village is an age-old village of H'Mong ethnic group remaining unique customs and practices that are lots in other villages.

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Why Cat Cat Village – Sapa is special ?

Cat Cat cultural village was formed in 19th century by the gathering of some families belonging to some ethnic groups living in mountainous areas of northern Vietnam, especially Black H’Mong .They lived next to each other along the mountain side and cultivated surrounding their home. Rice and corn were grown in terraced fields, while traditional handicrafts such as twisting flax and weaving fabric have been well-kept. Through times, Cat Cat Village has transferred to one appealing feature of Sapa tourism.

To visit village, you walk through Sapa Market down the valley. Once you walk out of the crowd, you'll be stunned by the nature's beauty with high mountains of over 3000 m and the green rice terraces dropping nearly 1000 below. The sun shines across and there are H'Mong houses scattered in the valley

Visitors to Cat Cat have an opportunity to admire a lively and colorful picture. That is the image of young women sitting by looms with colorful pieces of brocade decorated with designs of flowers and birds. When these pieces of brocade are finished, they are dyed and embroidered with beautiful designs. A noteworthy is that H'Mong women use plants and leaves to dye these brocade fabrics. And then they roll a round and smooth section of wood covered with wax on fabrics to polish them, making their colors durable.

In addition to the brocade weaving craft, many residents in Cat Cat are good at manipulating gold and silver jewelry. Their products are fairly sophisticated, especially jewelry for women.


What to explore at Cat Cat Village – Sapa?

Visiting Cat Cat, tourists will be impressed by the peacefully picturesque sceneries. People can easily catch sight of women sitting in front of the loom with colorful pieces of brocade, while children playing around with pets or even livestock. From the plain brocade, then women can carefully dye them with special leaves and embroider beautiful patterns of flower and animal on them. Moreover, many residents of Cat Cat Village are also skillful at manipulating sophisticated gold and silver jewelry.

The original architect of H’Mong people is interesting as well. Their house typically contains three rooms with three doors and po mu wood roof, while the walls’ material is sawn timber. There are other indispensable parts of the house such as altar, kitchen, places for keeping food and sleeping, etc.

Cat Cat Village gives tourists a chance to have a glimpse into the daily life of local ethnic people, as well as take part in traditional activities such as weaving fabric. It is also a good opportunity to purchase some traditional souvenirs and handicrafts right from the craftsmen. People can also try some local food selling the way upcoming to the hill.

In addition, the road leading to Cat Cat Village is an easy and interesting route for trekking. The spot is only within 20-30m minutes walking from Sapa center; and the hike through mountains will offer tourists the wonderful picture of rice paddies, water fall, or even water buffaloes grazing leisurely.

How to get to Cat Cat Village – Sapa?

It just takes 4 minutes to get to there from Sapa town by taxi or car. But, it's recommended to trek because it's just about 7-10 minutes and the scenery along the way is so beautiful. this is instructions. Heading southwest on Xuan Vien, Turning right at Mobile Store Rating Hang to stay on Xuan Vien, Passing by Yuri Restaurant (on the right), Continuing straight past the Culture and Information Department Sapa - Sapa Interdisciplinary Team manager Onto Tue Tinh, Passing by Thach Thao hotel (on the left), Turning Onto right Fansipan

Destination Will Be on the left

Selling points

  • Nice village near Sapa
  • “Interesting glimpse of ethnic culture”
  • “Cat Cat - An peaceful village!”
  • “Interesting Place to Visit in Sapa”
  • “Charming little boardwalk down into the valley :)”
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Cat Cat Village, Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, VietNam

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Tips for you

  • It's advised not to point at people's face there
  • There are a variety of shops inside the village for you to buy some souvenirs.
  • Inside the village, the rice paddies are the best places to take photo and breath the fresh air.
    What to see
  • The beautiful bridge is inside the village so you can visit.
    What to see
  • You need a shoes and jacket if you walk in the rainy day
    What to bring
  • From the village entrance, just follow the relatively well-paved main path that leads further downhill until you come to the steps that descend to Cat Cat waterfall. To get back out to the entrance of Cat Cat Village, either back track (not recommended) or take the path to the right of the bridge (on the left is the waterfall) and follow it. The trek is a looped path so as long as you walk where the road is well-trodden, you won't get lost.
  • You shouldn't visit in the winter
  • In the rainy day, the visibility will be limited.
  • You should visit there in the spring or summer so you can see ethnic people harvesting the rice.
  • The local people are so friendly so you can ask to live homestay.
  • You will live in a wooden house with a impressive architecture if you live homestay.
  • There's some women trying to sell some stuffs or begging the money
  • There is a waterfall near by so you can explore.
    Things nearby
  • You have to pay 2$ entrance fee for adults and 0.5$ for children.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • Making a conversation with local people to understand more about them
    Things to do


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Indeed a tourist village. Felt like a walking dollar here. No authentic feel at all. Very annoying sellers on the way and kids begging for candy.

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Cat Cat village is not very far from Sapa town. It is just 3 km downhill and another 3 km back up to town. Halfway before reaching the village, there is a big Cat Cat Shop selling made in Vietnam hiking products and sports wear. The prices of the Columbus and North Face products are cheaper than those in Sapa town but have to check the quality closely though.The highlight of the village is to see the way of life the Hmong people in the rural setting with pigs, dogs, ducks and chicken running freely around the village. Further down from the village is a beautiful waterfall which is a nice place for pictures and to catch some rest before heading back up to Sapa town. There is a small hall over there where cultural shows are staged at certain timings. If trekking back up to town proves to be too much effort for the legs, motorbikes are available to bring you back to town at a fee.The kids trying to sell their handicrafts can be quite persistence. Might be a good idea to keep some small notes to buy their stuff if you like them or bring along some candies and snacks as treats to send them on their way. The whole trip to Cat Cat village should take less than 4 hours unless you wish to spend more time to enjoy the scenery of the place and interact more with those kids and villagers over there.

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The scenery is good, but the children there are so terrible. They stopped me to ask for food from me in a very rude way. They even tried to rob it from me, and when they touched my handbag, I was so shocked. Luckily, there was a group of one Vietnamese tour guide and 3 Canadians nearby. They came over to rescue me and accompanied me to a safer place.The experience with the kids was so terrible that honestly, I felt nothing for the beautiful scenery.Make sure you NEVER GIVE THE KIDS ANYTHING, no candies, no money, no anything. Save them for much nicer kids in remote villages in around Sapa, but definitely not Cat Cat.

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For an easy day trek after the overnight train, Cat Cat is nice. The walk from town is pretty and the village is interesting. We caught a performance by the waterfall. Save your purchases for the end of the village, there prices are marked and non-negotiable (and much lower than the rest of the village). Expect to be followed from town by ladies selling purses. The coffee stand on the side of the road at the edge of town was the highlight of my stay in Sapa. The woman working there barely spoke any English but she was nice, didn't pressure us to buy things and the little plastic chairs were an island of normal in the tourist trap that is Sapa. On the way back we grabbed dinner at one of the local restaurants with a bunch of food for barbecue out front (near the tourist info center). It was especially tasty after the walk and affordable by Sapa

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