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Attraction Dalat, Vietnam Published on: 19-11-2015

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Cam Ly Waterfall has now been heavily invested with little man-made scenarios full of mountainous characteristics, with concrete paths which perfectly suit the beauty of this everlasting wild nature.

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Why Cam Ly Waterfall is special ?

Cam Ly Waterfall, close to the city center is less than 3 km, is made up of Cam Ly stream. Cam Ly stream is formed by the confluence of a small stream on the Lang Bian Plateau, winds in the area of Da Lat, passing Than Tho Lake, to be sure, the green valleys to form Xuan Huong Lake. A stream flowing into the lake in the north, a waterfall flowing from the lake in the South slipped under a bridge. This stream flows west then faced granite stone block across the aisle. Stream flow is blocked so the water becomes stronger, divided into many small streams of water, vortex flow focusing their efforts on the rocks cracked, through the movement beyond the blocking stones forming Cam Ly waterfall.

Cam Ly Waterfall and noisy, aggressive. Water flows gently, softly through the granite cliffs like the hair of a young woman let deleted. Bridge across a stream to travel from one side to the other streams, admire all the beauty of the falls and surrounding scenery. The house looks though wild thatch base for tourists and enjoying the splashing droplets, sparkling like crystal grains in the sun.

Cam Ly Waterfall is about 10 meters high, although not as a spectacular waterfall in Da Lat, but it still has its own beauty, is unmistakable. Spectacular waterfalls associated with view of the surrounding hill has created an unforgettable landscape in the heart of tourists to Da Lat. Above the falls there is a bridge across the stream, visitors can see up demand for better flow waterfall. At the foot of the waterfall is a small flower garden, brilliant all year round. Around the waterfall is the magnificent architecture, the layout is in harmony with nature. Guests can also sit quietly for hours on smooth rocks to cascade middle ear whispering sound of water flowing, dreamy eyes drop, looking slender branches with purple flowers growing on the cliff wall waterfall.


What to explore at Cam Ly Waterfall?

Dalat Cam Ly waterfall is a spectacular waterfall with a 10-meter height. Although it is not high but it looks strong and also seemed gentle. Cam Ly waterfall tourism area gives you an unforgettable feeling, so the falls went into a lot of poetry and songs, the name Cam Ly Waterfall has accompanied with this city as well as Lake Xuan Huong, Than Tho Lake that is the symbol of the flower city.

Guests visiting Cam Ly waterfall walking around Xuan Huong Lake will hear the gurgling stream. A stream flows into the lake in the north; another stream flowed from the lake in the south, which went under a bridge, near the bus station. The feet of the bridge were re-streaming dams to regulate the water level. Both streams are called Cam Ly. Glider outflow to the west, while it is 2km far away from a lake to pass a stream passage is blocked off by large granite boulders, forming Cam Ly waterfall – a famous beautiful one in Dalat with a height of about 30m. In the rainy season, water from upstream of the falls forming the white mist in a large region, this looks very romantic. Even the image of Cam Ly waterfall was introduced in the magazine “Revue Indochine” and some former French press. Today, Cam Ly waterfall is one of the dating couples in their honeymoon trip to Dalat – the dreaming city. Feel confident to visit this waterfall once time to admire the charming poetic beauty charming here.


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