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Cai Rang is one of the most popular floating markets of the Mekong Delta, is located in the city of Can Tho.

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Why Cai Rang floating market is special ?

Cai Rang is one of the most popular floating markets of the Mekong Delta, is located in the city of Can Tho. This floating market, although not the largest of all, is it having more commercial activity, thus providing the opportunity to see the hustle and bustle and business of hundreds of small boats, boats, boats and even canoes filled chock-full of fruits, vegetables, rice (excellent in this area of the mekong rice), all kinds of food and groceriesclothing and even makeup.

The Cai Rang Floating Market, the largest wholesale floating market in the Mekong Delta, starts around 05:00 and runs until around midday, meaning that you’ll have to get an early start to the day if you want to visit. Most tour boats along the riverfront leave between 05:00 and 07:00, so if don’t make it to the water by then you’ll have a hard time finding a tour.


What to explore at Cai Rang floating market?

Once you finally reach the market, it’s an impressive site. A stretch of boats selling all variety of goods lines the river. Not really a place for souvenirs, people come here instead to buy large quantities of goods, mostly foodstuffs, and you will get an idea of what water commerce in the Delta looks like. Your guide on the boat will usually give you tidbits of information about Cai Rang as you weave through the hordes. You’ll learn that boats identify what they are selling by hanging a sample off the top of a long pole; if you want pineapple, simply scan the horizon for a hanging pineapple. You’ll also get the opportunity to interact with some of these floating merchants; most commonly this happens when a small boat selling drinks latches onto the tour boat’s side.

After the market you’ll be ferried off to your breakfast break at a local orchard. You’ll be led around a fairly large garden growing a big variety of local fruits, which you’ll get to sample after your walk. Once your breakfast of fruit is eaten, you’ll go back to the boat and it’s time to explore some of the Mekong’s canals. Your tour boat will slowly coast down a few of these quiet canals, choked on both sides by greenery. As the sun starts to heat things up, your tour will draw to a close, returning you to downtown Can Tho sometime around 14:00, making for around a seven-hour tour.


How to get to Cai Rang floating market?

Just 6km from Can Tho in the direction of Soc Trang is Cai Rang, the biggest floating market in the Mekong Delta. There is a bridge here that serves as a great vantage point for photography.

Cai Rang can be seen from the road, but getting here is far more interesting by boat (US$6). From the market area in Can Tho it takes about an hour by river, or you can drive to the Cau Dau Sau boat landing (by the Dau Sau Bridge), from where it takes only about 10 minutes to reach the market.


Selling points

  • An actual working market, not a tourist trap
  • Best floating market
  • Must see spot in the Delta
  • Authentic highlight of south Vietnam
  • Interesting sights of locals trading at the floating market
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Cai Rang floating market, Cai Rang, Can Tho, Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • On the way to Can Tho, visitors can stop to visit My Tho and take a boat trip to visit orchards, bee farms and coconut candy establishments in Ben Tre.
    Things to do
  • Take some water with you
    What to bring
  • You should bring plenty of cash because this market does not accept Credit Card.
    What to bring
  • You should bring suntan, hat, sun glass to ave you from sunshine.
    What to bring
  • You should wear the comfortable shoes to move easily.
    What to wear
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable.
  • Make sure that before 7:00 am. It's the busiest time and you can enjoy the sun rise.
  • Kids should be accompanied by adults.
  • Rent a boat and depart from the center to the maket about 5 km, it may be more cheaper than rent a boat from places near by the market.
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Try some pineapple or nooddle soup: there's a boat for everything. But prices will be higher if you're a tourist.

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We found Susan while reading tripadvisor reviews and we were sooooo happy to have met her! We had been on a disappointing tour before on the Mekong river, with lots and lots of tourists, and we felt that we weren’t discovering anything about the area. We sent an email to Susan, she replied very quickly and we organised to spend 24 hours with her. The tour included visits, boat rides, a homestay and the meals. She took us on a really interesting tour on the Mekong river, we visited several sites where we were the only tourists, and we went on a rowing boat on a small canal where we didn’t see a single other tourist boat. The homestay was great: the family were very friendly and welcoming, even if the comfort was basic. The food was delicious and we helped to cook it in the evening. Susan stayed there with us and had the meals with us. In the morning we went for breakfast on a boat at the Cai Rang floating market but it was raining a lot so we didn’t see much. Susan is friendly, helpful, she showed us and explained to us a lot of things about life on the Mekong river. She is fun to be with and we would have been happy to get to know her a bit more.

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