Cai Mon Orchard Village

Attraction Vĩnh Thành Chợ Lách Bến Tre, Vietnam Published on: 13-11-2015

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Cai Mon Orchard Village is located in Vinh Thanh Commune, Cho Lach District, Ben Tre Province. It is considered as the kingdom of bonsai in Viet Nam.

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Why Cai Mon Orchard Village is special ?

Cai Mon Orchard Village – most often referred to as the kingdom of bonsai – is located at Vinh Thanh Commune in the Cho Lach District of Ben Tre Province. According to research documents on South, in the past, two banks of the canal in Cai Mon was the gathering place of honey bees because Cai Mon has lush orchards with flowers bloom throughout the year. The name Cai Mon was originated from that. Cai means the grand canal and Mon is slang of Mum, which means honey in Khmer language. Apart from bonsai, visitors will surely to enjoy the vast array of pleasant scents of other tropical fruits such as langsat, mangosteen, durian.


What to explore at Cai Mon Orchard Village?

Cai Mon has many rest and recreation places according to the garden tourism model. Visitors can visit the areas of cultivating saplings, planting and manipulating bonsai. There are thousands of households in Cai Mon growing the traditional flowers such as marigold, dahlia, carnation... In particular, Cai Mon also preserves a dozen of rose species including velvety rose, yellow rose, Elizabeth rose, Korokit rose... In addition, visitors can find valuable hundred-year ornamental trees such as fig, carambola, areca, apricot... All of them become excellent art works by the skilled hands of artisans.

After visiting the “kingdom of bonsai”, make a stopover in lush orchards in Cai Mon to taste delicious fruits such as langsat, mangosteen, durian... Walking along winding paths round lush green gardens, you will feel as lost in royal gardens. In the afternoon, just stand on the rope bridges to see sunset and enjoy Ben Tre specialties in small restaurants with coconut roof along the banks of the canal or nestled among the picturesque gardens, hear the melodious tune of Don ca tai tu music and song.


How to get to Cai Mon Orchard Village?

From My Tho City (Tien Giang Province), visitors pass Rach Mieu Bridge and go along provincial road No.884 to Tien Thuy Market in Chau Thanh District, Ben Tre Province. Be here, there are high-speed tourist boats to take visitors to Cai Mon Canal for only one hour.

Selling points

  • The kingdom of bonsai
  • Lush orchards with flowers blooming
  • The beautiful traditional flowers
  • Valuable hundred-year ornamental trees
  • Taste delicious fruits
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Tips for you

  • Best time to visit Cai Mon Village is before Tet holiday when the farmers make their flowers ready to serve people in the city.
  • After enjoying “the kingdom of bonsais”, do not forget to visit Cai Mon’s laden orchards and pick for yourself delicious tropical fruits and enjoy them as they are at their best.
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My husband and I had great memory in Mekong Delta Vietnam. The highlight of our trip was the Cai Mon Orchard Village where we saw and tasted lots of delicous fruits. The fruits were so fresh because we just pickup it up from the trees. What an interesting experience! Vietnam has tropical climate so it has a variety kinds of fruits. The village was like a fruit paradise for fruit lovers. Don’t miss it!

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