Busay Falls

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Busay Falls is located inland by the Loboc River past the town of Sevilla. Two little islets in the middle of the river make the place a favorite bathing area.

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Why Busay Falls is special ?

The Busay Falls is 12 meters wide and four meters deep, though at a distance it looks much smaller. The river cruise usually ends at the falls where the boats tarry a little bit to allow the visitors to appreciate the green scenery or to enjoy a short dip near the falls. The falls is a favorite bathing place for the local folks. Two little islets in the middle of the river make the place an ideal site for a picnic.

The Loboc River Cruise is one the most popular tourist destinations in Bohol. Visitors who want to feel the magic of the area firsthand would have to undergo the ride upriver. At the end of the voyage, the sightseers may enjoy a refreshing bath under the one-and-a-half-meter Busay Falls for a few minutes before the boat embarks upon the return journey.

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What to explore at Busay Falls?

Busay falls is a series of smaller water falls leading to the loboc river. You get to see the last part of this series of water feature during the loboc river restaurant cruise. However, the main falls is still a few meters up river which would be very difficult to reach especially if you are not a seasoned mountaineer. Nighttime incursion is also recommended for those who want to feel the peace and tranquility of the place. The absence of traffic and noise in the canal in the evening grants the vital serenity one seeks when communing with nature. Lights positioned along the riverside provide the essential illumination and added appeal.

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How to get to Busay Falls?

Busay Falls in Sevilla is 34 km from Tagbilaran City and located inland of the Loboc River past Sevilla town. You can reach the place by taxi or local bus.

Selling points

  • Fresh, clean and cool water
  • A nice place to see
  • The end of the jungle tour
  • Busay Falls - Nice Waterfall
  • A favorite bathing place for the local folks
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Tips for you

  • You'll see some visitors swimming and enjoying the green waters, bring your swimwear if you want to.
    What to bring
  • This waterfall can be very dangerous, particularly if anyone attempts to reach the main fall. If you go, please ask the locals for advice and take a guide if possible.
    Things to do
  • Busay falls is also best visited when you rent a small boat for a private tour, riding the river cruise while checking this is also okay.


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My wife and I visited the Busay Falls at the Loboc River, in August 2012 whilst on a 7 Sites Day tour with Bohol Adventure Tour http://www.boholadventure tour.com, we had a delicious lunch and got to see some of the singing and dancing of the Loay people who live in the area. The falls are around 2 metres high but had a very high flow rate of water spilling over them. The jade green color of the water is due to the color of the sand on the river bed.

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