Buddha Cave Temple (Wat Suwannakuha)

Attraction Wat Suwan Khuha Takua Thung District Phang-nga Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Buddha Cave Temple (Wat Suwannakuha) is a unique Wat for visitors to discover the special culture of Thailand in a special and interesting environment.

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Why Buddha Cave Temple (Wat Suwannakuha) is special ?

Wat Suwannakuha also known as Buddha Cave Temple or Monkey Temple. It is a picturesque temple located in Takua Thung District, in the southern province of Phang Nga.This Buddhist Temple inside connecting caves hosts a big reclining golden Buddha along with a number of Buddha statues and other cultural relics. Visitors can see many monkeys outside the temple.

Source : http://www.adventureinthailand.com

What to explore at Buddha Cave Temple (Wat Suwannakuha)?

Commonly known as Monkey temple even if you do not always see the monkeys, this temple in a cave houses various statues, mostly in the first chamber, including a reclining Buddha. From there a staircase rises in a perforated portion in front of a huge cave whose ascent becomes more difficult in its upper part.

Inside the main cave, the dominant figure is the large reclining Buddha. There are a number of other Buddha images too and a big Chedi which contains bones of the Na Takuathung family who were the local governors about 160 years ago and who arranged for the construction of a shrine in the cave.

Source : http://www.thailandee.com

Selling points

  • A nice travel break, wonderful experience
  • Monkeys, temple and bats
  • Peaceful, different and joyful
  • Great temple with spectacular views
  • Spiritual and enjoyable spot to explore
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Wat Suwan Khuha Takua Thung District Phang-nga Thailand

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Tips for you

  • 20 THB per person for entry into the cave but the grounds were free.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • No need to bring food. You will find some food vendors around the temple
  • Be careful as there is a lot of monkey droppings on the floor which literally sticks to your shoes
  • Don't forget to make a small donation while visiting
    Things to do
  • The temple is really crowded, do not come here in the high season


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We were taken here because it was included in our day trip. We were lucky when we went as it was not too busy. Be careful as there is a lot of monkey droppings on the floor which literally sticks to your shoes. Many people were feeding the monkeys and if they didn't get fed they would steal. To see the monkeys is free but to enter the Buddha Cave costs a small fee. It's very interesting looking at all the different Buddhas. The reclining Buddha is quite impressive lying there with the lights shinning on the gold. Further in you walk in to a bat cave and you can hear them all flying around. It appears to be made up of several caves so it's worth investigating. As is investigating outside around the cave and temple near by. If you are lucky you might see all the monks working. Take some hand wipes just incase you touch anything the monkeys have licked. It's worth a visit as it's a bit different being set in a cave.

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