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Attraction 32/8, Chao Fah East Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 83130, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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Bubba Diving Phuket is your best choice in experienced private and personal scuba diving services in Phuket Thailand. Let's challenge yourself under the professional guidance.

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Why Bubba Diving Phuket is special ?

We are British run and have been diving the Andaman dive sites almost every day for over eight years offering private and personal diving services, teaching and guiding as PADI instructors and we know these sites extremely well, which allows us to have a great knowledge of what will suit our customers needs, no BLAH, if we think you are not ready for a certain dive we will find a site that suits, whether this be a certified diver, a student or first timer to the water.

What to explore at Bubba Diving Phuket?

Try Scuba Diving with Bubba Diving Phuket, this a great and easy introduction to the underwater world. With the water being 27-28 degrees Celsius (80-83 Fahrenheit). They can conduct Try Dives all year round, and great water visibility with an abundance of marine life. They are also lucky to have shallow sheltered bays to begin dives making it an easier experience.

There's NO classroom work involved, NO swimming pool tests and definitely NO exams. They will give you a thorough briefing on diving, safety and the equipment, show you how the equipment works and give you a full briefing on the boat about the dive from start to finish.

Selling points

  • Super Excellent is under statement
  • Wonderful diving experience
  • As good as it gets
  • Great efficient service with friendly dive instructors
  • Excellent in every way
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32/8, Chao Fah East Road, Phuket Town, Phuket 83130, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Bring your water, hats, sunscreen
    What to bring
  • Beware of strong waves when traveling during monsoon period with 2m waves. Definitely not for those who suffer from motion sickness
  • If you are used to diving on small dive boats don't be put off by the size of the boats going out from Phuket, it's all very well run and works like clockwork especially if you go with Bubba.


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I would honestly recommend this business to anyone looking to go for a dive in Phuket. This is simply the best operation in Phuket! This is a small business that has a strong focus on providing a personalised service. The booking process was hassle free and my emails were replied to almost instantly! I am an experienced diver and headed out on a day trip on my own to sneak in a few dives while travelling with my Mum. I was lucky enough to have Neil as my private guide who was so attentive to my needs and also great company for the day. Neil provided a very professional service and knew all the sites really well. He did a great job of each site briefing and made sure we were first ones in the water at each site and headed away from any groups of divers. Neil has been diving this area for years and knows all the best spots and little hiding spots for marine life at each site. Also answered my numerous questions about life in Thailand which was all very interesting. To top it off I got an email back that same night attaching all the photos he had taken of me and the marine life we saw during the dive. I would not look anywhere else when booking a dive trip in Phuket. In fact I will be back! Thank heaps guys

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