Brake Taek

Restaurant Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

08:00 AM - 05:00 PM
Casual Dining
5.00 - 10.00 USD

Brake Taek is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Brake Taek, another popular restaurant among the local and tourist foodies in Phuket, renowned for their “Tom Yum Noodle Soup” and Meat Balls Skewers, you won’t regret trying this place out.

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  • Noise level Normal
  • Budget Budget
  • Alcohol NO
  • Air condition NO
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card NO
  • Serve breakfast YES
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian NO
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7.0 days
343.45 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
27 places




Tambon Talat Yai, Amphoe Mueang Phuket, Chang Wat Phuket 83000, Thailand

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You reach the store after a morning of exploring Phuket. Your GPS tells you that you are at Talet Yai.It's lunch time, and the store is quite crowded. Apparently, from 8am-5pm, the stores opening hours, it is most popular at this time. You choose a table and one of the staff comes over. First, you choose the type of noodles you want:seafood, chicken or pork. Then, you choose whether or not you want your noodles to b spicy or not. Lastly, you chose the type of noodles you want: flat noodles, round noodles, yellow noodles, white noodles. Then you wait. Maybe you order an excellent cup of iced coffee. Or how about a refreshing burst of Iced Thai tea? Thank goodness at least one of the friendly staff can speak English, you think to yourself. After about ten minutes, the noodles arrive. They are laden with ingredients, from crushed peanuts and spring onions to minced meat and pork balls and pig liver. You begin to pick up your chopsticks, which were conviniently placed at the side of the table, and pick out a juicy noodle... But wait! You almost forgot to add the condiments! The horror! You quickly reach over to where the four condiments are placed neatly: brown sugar, fish sauce, chilli flakes and a special (Thai) sauce. Adding generous helpings of each, you resume your meal. Putting a bunch of ingredients and noodles onto your spoon, you shove the whole lot into your mouth. Ah! Delicious! You can feel all the ingredients and condiments combining together into a burst of flavour: the sugar adding sweetness, the Thai sauce with it's tangy lime... Then the chilli hits you. You purse your lips and suck in. Hot! Hot! You reach over and down your Iced Coffee. Phew! Maybe you should have gone easier on the chilli. 15 minutes later you walk out, full and contended. Already in your mind you set a date to put up a review on tripadvisor. And that is the experience of Brake Taek noodle store.

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