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Bolaven Plateau is home to numerous waterfalls, great scenery, tribal villages, and unexplored corners galore. It’s probably best known for being home to some of Southeast Asia's most spectacular waterfalls

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Why Bolaven plateau is special ?

East of Pakse is the Bolaven Plateau, a mountainous and forested area about 45 minutes away by car. The area is known for its great scenery and many waterfalls. The highest falls are Ted Fane. Getting to the 120 meter high twin falls requires a trek through the forest starting near the 38 kilometer marker off Route 16 from Pakse to Paksong. Another waterfall, the Tad Gneuang is found deeper into the forest. Trips can be booked at Pakse travel agents.

The plateau’s elevation ranges approximately from 1,000 to 1,350 metres above sea level and here the weather in general is milder than the rest of the country, getting cool, especially at night.

Its fertile plains allow farmers to produce some of the best tea and coffee in the country (coffee remains Laos' biggest agricultural export.) Tourism has become another important source of income for locals as the area has almost unlimited trekking and daytrip opportunities.

The impressive Tad Fane twin falls thunder over 100 metres down the steep cliffs into a gorge, located a few kilometres west of Paksong Town, Champasak Province. The scenic rainforest spot is part of a big national park where wild animals live, including leopards, tigers, elephants and monkeys. Hornbills are among the 300 bird species found in this area.

Selling points

  • “Beautiful waterfalls”
  • “Unspoilt beauty”
  • “Superb day out on the Bolaven Plateau”
2 days in Pakse for backpackers

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Tips for you

  • It is VERY COLD at night!! And you may get sunburnt during the day
  • Driving here might be a problem because there are very little sign and very few street light too so you better avoid driving at night time.
  • You can visit the coffee plantations and learn (a little) about the various types of bean, etc on the way to Bolaven Plateau
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  • You can then find local guesthouses all along the way, stop in a local eatery for fresh authentic Laos cuisine, and ride on the following day.
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It about half an hour drive from Pakse city. I visit the place in winter and the weather is great, not too hot in day time and quite cool at night time. There are several waterfall on the plateau. I visit three of it. All of them are well maintained and still not so touristy. Pathways to some waterfall are very steep though. I also visited the local coffee plantation farm as well. Driving here might be a problem because there are very little sign and very few street light too so you better avoid driving at night time.

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