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Attraction Bokor Hill Station Tuek Chhou Campuchia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Bokor Hill Station is a part of a French ghost tow. It sits on the top of a mountain in Preah Monivong National Park.

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Why Bokor Hill Station is special ?

The highlight of this attraction is the ride up Bokor Mountain. You will see spectacular sights of the nature.

This was built as a resort by colonial French settlers. The centerpiece of the resort was the grand Bokor Palace Hotel & Casino, complemented by shops, a post office (now demolished), a church and the Royal Apartments. It is also an important cultural site, showing how the colonial settlers spent their free time.

What to explore at Bokor Hill Station?

Seeing French colonial architecture, hear the stories about this station that so interesting. Besides, it will be a wonderful experience to see the beauty of surroundings.

The road to the top is long, winding, and steep, but provides spectacular views of Kampot and the surrounding countryside.

How to get to Bokor Hill Station?

The best way to reach Bokor is by hiring a motorbike from the nearby town of Kampot and riding there yourself. Heading west from Kampot on National Highway 3, around 8km out look for signs for Bokor Hill Station on the right. Sign in at the checkpoint and follow the road to the peak

From here reaching the top of Bokor Hill previously required a 32 km grind from sea-level to the top of the 3540 ft peak on an old road that took 1.5 hours to complete. However, as at December 2011, construction was essentially completed on the new sealed road from National Highway 3 up to the hill station. The road is special in its use of battered slopes and drainage systems in an attempt to prevent landslides. Construction was also well under way on a number of buildings in the hill station area, with the area being partially signed and popular with Cambodian and foreign tourists.

To the left as you pass the checkpoint at Bokor Gateway there is an ostrich farm.


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  • Perfect place to escape Cambodia's heat
  • Best road in Cambodia
  • Panoramic view
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Bokor Hill Station Tuek Chhou Campuchia

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Tips for you

  • You should bring food and drinks because there are no any shops
    What to bring
  • The best time to visit here is sunset.
  • The building is quite humid and many places were degraded so moving carefully.
  • From this station you can visit other famous places such as Bokor National Park, Popokvil Waterfall and so on.
    Things nearby
  • The best spectacular views is at the top of the hill but the road to the top is long, winding, and many steeps.


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Tripadvisor When you are in Kampot the Hill station is a must see, but don't expect an abandoned town or ghost town. It's more like a couple of ghost buildings. The story behind the station makes the view more interesting, but the best part is the ride up. Rent a motorbike and do this sight by yourself. No need for an overpriced tour.

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