Attraction BIAS TUGAL BEACH, PADANGBAI, KARANGASEM, BALI Published on: 13-11-2015

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Bias tugal beach is a beautiful white sandy beach for tourists, especially couples, to relax and enjoy great views and romantic spaces.

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Why BIAS TUGAL BEACH is special ?

Bias tugal beach is a great white sandy beach. This is a deserted beach that is one of the best kept secret place in Bali where you are not annoyed by the crowd of local and tourists as normal. You can walk to a rockey path only 500m.

After, you will be greeted with stretches of white and beach and sparkling blue sea with swaying coconut trees.

Especially, snorkeling and swimming with stretch of grainy, soft and flour-like white sand is perfect because a scenic landscape offers a water sport experience for the enthusiasts.

What to explore at BIAS TUGAL BEACH?

In bias tugal beach, you can dive to discover clown fish, turtles, octopus, lionfish,….. And should try your hands snokelling with small wave. Besides, padangbai hotel is good and fresh to relax and stay with a great architecture. You do not miss sunset and roam on the beach together. Swimming is great for swimmers. Sate lilit is a special food in bali, it is made from seafood. You should come in spring because these time, you can understand culture more such as: wordship.

How to get to BIAS TUGAL BEACH?

- From the ferry terminal of Padang Bai, head east up the hill and keep walking till you come across an exposed bit of the bay.

- 1 hour by car and 5 minutes by traditional boat.

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Selling points

  • A lovely holiday spot
  • Stretch of grainy, white sand, sparkling blue water
  • The best kept secret
  • Great for snokelling and swimming
  • One of the most beautiful beaches
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Tips for you

  • There are some beach activities for you to choose.
  • If you can, try to get up early to admire sunset.
    Things to do
  • You should taste special food such as: sate lilit, babi guling and nasi kuning
  • You should take equipment in order to play snokelling because it is difficult to borrow them from local people
  • You can dive in the morning in order to explore the marine life
  • It's not really safe to swim too far away from the coast.


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Beautiful beach but not easy to reach. Strong surf and current happens a lot. The excellent snorkeling when waters are calm.

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Beautiful beach but not easy to reach. Strong surf and current happens a lot. The excellent snorkeling when waters are calm.

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