Beiyue Temple of Lijiang

Attraction Xinshang Section Yulong, Lijiang, Yunnan China Published on: 21-09-2016

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Beiyue Temple is a Daoist temple located in Quyang, Hebei Province, China. The temple was used to make sacrifices to Mount Heng by the emperors of the Song Dynasty while the mountain was occupied by the Liao Dynasty.

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Why Beiyue Temple of Lijiang is special ?

The Dening Hall of the temple is the largest, earliest and one of the most important extant wooden buildings built in the Yuan Dynasty.

It is a beautiful old temple that has been well maintained.

The Beiyue Temple occupies 170,000 square meters and it is construction area is 5,400 square meters

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What to explore at Beiyue Temple of Lijiang?

Beiyue Temple also contains three gates, an octagonal pavilion and many ancient stelae.

The Dening Hall is the main hall of the temple, and was built in 1270 during the Yuan Dynast. This hall hold a significant position in the of architecture. On the eastern and western walls, there are large frescos, which measure 18 meters long and 8 meters high. The characters in the frescos are as high as 3 meters, with vivid countenance and different posture.

Beiyue Temple was used as an alternate site to make sacrifices to the Northern Peak, Mount Heng, one of the sacred mountains of Daoism. During this time, Mount Heng was controlled by the Liao Dynasty (916-1125). In order to maintain political legitimacy and receive Daoist support, Beiyue Temple was chosen by the Song Emperor as the location to make sacrifices to Hengshan. Even though the mountain was not controlled by the Song, they believed that a 'geomantic vein' that would direct their sacrifices could be cut through enemy controlled territory and reach it.

How to get to Beiyue Temple of Lijiang?

You need to take a train for Beijing first and then change train to reach Baoding. From Baoding Long-distance Bus Station, you can find the buses for Quyang in about 2 to 3 hours. From Quyang Bus Station, you can take a local taxi to reach Beiyue Temple.

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Selling points

  • Beautiful landscapes
  • Temple Dedicated to A Hero
  • Beautiful Lijiang
  • America's paradise, want to come back
  • So too the health of the USA



Xinshang Section Yulong, Lijiang, Yunnan China

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Tips for you

  • Never step on top of the wooden step, rather, place your foot on the other side.
  • Remove hats, sunglasses, and shoes when entering a worship area.
    What to wear
  • You enter the south gate and make your way north.
  • You can ride a bike leisurely take a turn
  • You go read about etiquette in Beiyue Temple for the basics, then read on to learn how to visit a Lijiang temple


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Beautiful architecture Definitely worth a visit if you are at Black Dragon Pool. It is a beautiful old temple that has been well maintained.

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