Beitou Thermal Valley

Attraction No. 30-1, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112 Published on: 20-11-2015

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The Beitou Thermal Valley or Geothermal Valley(地熱谷) is a volcanic crater filled with the steaming natural sulfuric hot spring water.

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Why Beitou Thermal Valley is special ?

Beitou Thermal Valley or Geothermal Valley(地熱谷) is a volcanic crater filled with steaming natural sulfuric hot spring water. During the Japanese colonial era, the valley was known as one of Taiwan’s eight great natural beauties and the magical translucent green coloured waters gave rise to one of its pet names, Jade Springs Valley. The mineral composition of the rare green sulfur spring waters can only be found in two locations in the world, here in Beitou and in Akita, Japan.

Water temperature in Thermal Valley’s hot springs ranges from 80-100℃. The sodium carbonate springs tend to be corrosive, and have come to be known as “Green sulfur springs” and “Sulfur heads.” Visitors used to boil eggs in the hot springs, but the practice has since been prohibited—not only to protect the water quality but to keep tourists from falling in and boiling themselves!


What to explore at Beitou Thermal Valley?

With the gruesome stories aside, the pool is magnificent to see. Once you walk up the path towards the Thermal Valley, you will instantly see huge clouds of steam, and the pungent odor of sulfur fuming from the hot spring source. The Thermal Valley pool itself was an emerald bluish colour, and the amount of heat generated from it was remarkable. No wonder it was also nicknamed “Hell Valley”the source of the hot springs in Beitou.

After viewing the Beitou Thermal Valley, you can follow downstream towards the exit of the pool. From here the hot spring water from the Thermal Valley will mix with another river source of cold spring water into the Beitou River, causing the Beitou River to have a pleasantly luke warm temperature, just perfect enough for you to soak your feet in. This is probably the cheapest way of enjoying the natural hot springs in Beitou, as this is free!

Just simply walk down the path, you will see some stairs leading down towards the side of the river, and a crowd of people enjoying the soothing springs on their feet!


How to get to Beitou Thermal Valley?


1. Take MRT Danshui line(捷運淡水線) to Xinbeitou Station(捷運新北投站), walk towards Guanming Rd(光明路) and pass Beitou Hot Spring Museum(北投溫泉博物館) to reach the Geothermal Valley(地熱谷).

By Bus:

1. Take bus route 216, 217, 218, 223, 266, 269 and get off at Xinbeitou MRT station stop(捷運新北投站), then walk towards Zhongshan Rd(中山路) to reach the Geothermal Valley(地熱谷) in 10 mins.


Selling points

  • Like a natural sauna
  • Feeling of going to the center of earth
  • A very large pond of hot, steaming water
  • Free and Fun....Exotic
  • Good experience and educational visit for all
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No. 30-1, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District, Taipei City, Taiwan 112

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Tips for you

  • It is about 30 minutes train ride from Taipei Main Station. Then walk past the Beitou park till you reach Thermal Valley estimated about 15 - 20 minutes walk.
  • You should bring umbrella or raincoat, weather is unpredictable and bring your own swimming gear to enter otherwise you have to buy it at the counter
    What to bring
  • You shouldn't forget to bring your camera to caught the spectacular sightseeing however you must be careful when take photo especially near the fence.
  • Worth a visit if you want to try soaking your feets in the river.
  • Monday is the maintenaince day and it's closed Summer might not be a good time to visit as the weather is so hot with lotsa mosquitoes. It will be great to do during the cold season in Taipei (December through February)
  • Due to preservation and prevention, visitors are not allowed to boil eggs at the Geothermal Valley anymore. However, the Geothermal Valley is still an excellent scenic spot for unique heavenly sceneries for your Taipei travel!
  • Kids should be accompanied by adults.
  • You should be careful to avoid get burned.
  • You shouldn't miss the Aboriginal museum down the street, the hot springs museum, the cute little park by the bayou and the weird maze by the side of the road leading to the springs. Besides, It's also next to the Museum is the Plum House and is a 15 to 20 minute walk from Xin Beitou station
    Things nearby
  • Parking lot is available.


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Loved changing from one almost steaming hot bath to another one with cold water!

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The Beitou Thermal Valley is a unique place that shouldn't be missed. Most hot springs you'll find in Taiwan (at least those that I've seen) are quite different from this one. Usually you'll find hot spring-fed pools were you can swim, relax, or get your feet eaten by fish. Here, you have an actually natural hot spring that you cannot swim in if you want your skin still attached to your body. The smell is pretty ferocious, but it's a sight to see! The water is a crazy bright turquoise with wisps of smoke spinning up into tiny tornadoes. The great thing is that there's a lot to see around the spring too. Don't miss the Aboriginal museum down the street, the hot springs museum, the cute little park by the bayou and the weird maze by the side of the road leading to the springs. There's plenty to see in this area!

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Thermal valley in Beitou is quite an interesting place. There was a lot of smoke rising from the hot waters of the thermal valley. If you look closely, you will notice bubbles rising up from the depth of the clear green water. Not forgetting the strong sulphur smell in the air which you would get used to it after awhile. The whole area isn't that big and you can easily cover the area in say 5-10 minutes. Entrance is free. Beitou thermal valley is located about 15 minutes walk from Xin Beitou MRT station. It's very easy to walk there, it goes slightly uphill at some points. Upon exiting Xin Beitou station, cross opposite to Beitou park. Follow the pedestrian walkway on the left of the park and along the way to the Thermal Valley, you will pass by a few of Beitou's famous sights like Beitou Library, Beitou Hot Spring Museum and the Millennium outooor hot spring that is open to public. The entrance to the Beitou Thermal Vallley is some distance more on your left after you pass the Millennium outdoor hot spring. There are several small shops & eateries just outside the entrance. Head towards those shops and you will find the entrance to the Thermal Valley. Don't miss going down to the stream opposite the entrance of Beitou Thermal Valley to have your own "free" foot bath/spa. We saw quite a lot of people going down to the stream below so we decided to roll up our pants and try it out. The stream water was nice & warm hot spring water. It was so good and relaxing to rest our feet in the hot spring water after a tiring day of walking. Don't miss this relaxing experience. (Don't forget to bring along a small towel to dry your feet after that).

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