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Attraction The Beitou Hot Spring Museum No. 2號, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District Taipei City, Taiwan 112 Published on: 13-11-2015

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This museum is housed in public hot spring bath built during the Japanese colonial era. The Tudor-style building has a brick and wood façade and black tile roof set picturesque

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Why Beitou Hot Spring Museum is special ?

The Hot Springs Museum was built as the Beitou public bathing house in 1913 as Taiwan’s first public Bath House during the Japanese imperial ruling period. After the Japanese left Taiwan, the Bathing facility underwent a numerous transformations from a police station, KMT party headquarters to a reception house for local county administration also known as the Zhongshan House, but eventually due to corrosion caused by the hot springs and lack of proper maintenance, the building was forced to be closed and abandoned. The Public Baths Building was then discovered again by a group of teachers and students from a Local Elementary School on their field trip. As their attempts to get the attention of government officials were no success, they turned to cultural workers and historians from Beitou area for help in restoring the baths building to its former glory. The building was then declared as a class 3 historical site by Ministry of Interior in February 1995, but it wasn’t until March 1998 where serious makeover was initiated and was finally completed with the official opening of Beitou Hot Springs Museum in October 1998.


What to explore at Beitou Hot Spring Museum?

The Beitou Hot Springs Museum is a Victorian-style building which’s built with red bricks and wooden weatherboards. The museum is divided into 2 stories, on the 1st floor visitors are able to see the public bath which is not long in use along with introduction of Hot Springs history, Hot springs facilities, appliances used in Hot springs, Beitou Stones and the bathing space. The 2nd floor offers 6 different exhibition areas including Beitou History where pictures, news articles and relevant equipments and accessories representing Beitou are on display, Look out balcony offering visitors a place to see Beitou’s beautiful scenery, Taiwanese Hollywood introducing a hundred or so films that were shot in Beitou during the 50’s and 60’s, Exhibition area B displaying other related exhibitions, Multi-media room showing the documentary of Beitou Hot Springs Museum and Tatami-floor recreation area where people used to chill out after their hot baths.

The Beitou Hot Springs Museum is located in the Beitou Hot Springs area behind Beitou Park on Zhongshan Rd., Beitou District, Taipei City. It is definitely an ideal place to start exploring the rich variety of Hot Springs, Taiwan. So come visit Beitou, Taipei and experience one of the greatest pleasures nature has to offer!


How to get to Beitou Hot Spring Museum?

By Bus:

1. Take bus route 302, mini 6(小6), mini 7(小7), mini 9(小9) to Beitou Elementary School stop(北投國小站) to reach the museum.


1. Take MRT on Danshui line(捷運淡水線) to Xinbeitou MRT station(新北投捷運站) directly


Selling points

  • “Remarkable Experience”
  • “Hot mineral bath from nature”
  • “A fabulous experience”
  • “Quaint hot spring town on foot”
  • “Millennium Hot Spring”
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The Beitou Hot Spring Museum No. 2號, Zhongshan Rd, Beitou District Taipei City, Taiwan 112

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Tips for you

  • Group visits: between 20 and 50, make appointments with guides a week prior the actual date.
    What need to do
  • You must change to indoor slippers when entering.
    What need to do
  • You have to remove your shoes when entering the museum and put it in a locker.
    What need to do
  • Souvenir stamps available for tourists.
  • The view on the upper floor is quite scenic and light is ample, hence you can consider taking photos there
  • If you go make sure to take your time and have a sit for a little.
  • You can make a trip down to Beitou Hot Spring Museum after the Geothermal Valley.
  • Brochures are located near the entrance which explain the history of the structure.
  • It closes on Monday and public holidays.
  • It's located just beside the library and there are hotels nearby to stay and enjoy the hot spring.
    Things nearby
  • The Beitou hot spring museum is a historical building not far from the XinBeitou MRT station, next to the Taipei Public Library (Beitou branch).
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We went to the public baths at Beitou, which was a remarkable experience. We were definitely the youngest people there and some of the few who weren't locals. The pools were quite hot so we didn't last more than an hour total, but it was still a fun and relaxing experience. When we did something against the rules (not posted anywhere as far as we could tell, but maybe just unspoken rules?), the old men weren't afraid to scold us. Note: don't apply sunscreen before getting in the pools, wash off your body and feet before getting in, be sure none of your hair touches the water, and don't take pictures. We probably managed to offend everyone there - oops! Be sure to stop at the Hot Spring Museum on the way in or out of town for some background info and a chance to see the original baths.

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A great place to indulge yourself with the history of the town. Multiple hot spring resorts are around. Make sure to pay one a visit when you're done.

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it has a small river with hotspring water for you to dip your feet in(Free of charge but do bring along a towel to wipe).......that s the fun part! (doing w taiwanese and tourists)Other that that, some old and small hotspring shop ( go to japan for a wholesome hotspring/ onsen experience instead) for you to pay to use their onsen...Yes, there is a library (no one goes to a library when you are travelling) and a museum on its hotspring, the hell valley (not geyser) is not much to rave about(esp u have seen those from New Zealand or Japan)

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Beitou is one of the infamous hot spring areas in Taiwan. Travelling to Beitou was difficult in the old days; but now with the Xin Beitou Station, it is a breeze to travel to Beitou. Just take the MRT (Mass Rapid Transport) Danshui (red colour) line get off at Beitou station and change to the Xin Beitou line, which will take you right into the heart of Beitou. All the attractions are within walking distance from the Xin Beitou station. Head for the Beitou Park and the Beitou Hot Spring Museum is within the Park. Follow the CHONG SUM road and walk further on, there is the open-air hot spring public pool. Walk further, you reach the HOT SPRING OBSERVATION GARDEN, which is the high-light. There are many hotels offering hot-spring baths, some even have packaged deal including high tea with the bath. Entry to most of the attractions are FREE. Beitou is worth a visit not only of the hot spring but historical and cultural value.

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Very beautiful place to enjoy hot spring, especially the one that is in the room. Summer was not the right season for hot spring.

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