Beijing Museum of Natural History

Attraction 126 Tianqiao South Main Street, Beijing 100050, China Published on: 02-08-2016

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Beijing Museum of Natural History owns the huge collection of paleontological, botanical and anthropological specimen with thousands of exhibitions.

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Why Beijing Museum of Natural History is special ?

Dedicated to the collection of paleontological, botanical and anthropological specimen , Beijing Museum of Natural History boasts more than one hundred thousand exhibits.While some are type specimen, some others are rare and precious treasures such as the upstream Yangchuanosaurus, Tsintaosaurus, Psittacosaurus specimen and some well-preserved dinosaur egg fossils and footprint fossiles. The carnivorous Yangchuanosaurus from the later Juraasic era sustained a body length of over 8 meters and body height of 4 meters; the Herbivorous Tsintaosaurus from later cretaceous ear sustained a body length of 6.62 meters and a body height of 4.9 meters while the Herbivorous Psittacosaurus had a body of only 70 centimeters. Some imported collections include :the Moa fossils from New Zealand,sloth, Echidna, Lyrebird from Australia, La Diman fish from Africa. Some exhibits are taxidermy ,some others are fossils . All play a very important role in the evolutionary link and have very important academic value.


What to explore at Beijing Museum of Natural History?

Here you will find the exhibition in four sections : the Paleontology Section, the zoological section , the botanical section and the anthropological section.

Diversified and advance techology like slides projector, video technology are employed to illustrate the evolution process from the single cell life to a diversifed world, from the lowest level to the highest, from water-born life to the modern world.

In the paleontology hall you can see the 22 meters-long Mamenchisaurus from 140 million years ago and the 6 meters long and 2 meter tall Lufengosaurus from 180 million years ago. Some reptiles that had the ability to fly are also on display. Pterosaur and Ichthyosaur that lived in water are on display. They went into extinction with the dinosaurs at the same time.

The zoological and botanical hall try to use the systematic evolution of life on earth to make the public aware that it took millions of years for life to be so diversified on this planet and we should try to preserve them and protect the habitat we lived in.

Anthropology hall aims at illustrating the human evolution by using paleo-anthroplogical, anthropological, anatomical and archeological materials.


How to get to Beijing Museum of Natural History?

Take Subway Line 5 to Tiantan Dongmen (East Gate of The Temple of Heaven). You will find it after you visiting the Temple of Heaven and out from its west gate.

Take bus 17, 20, 36, 105, 106, 110, 120, 707 to the Tianqiao Station or take bus 2 to Tiantan Ximen Station.


Selling points

  • Hundred thousand exhibits.
  • The collection of paleontological, botanical and anthropological
  • Important academic value.
  • Diversified and advance technology
  • Zoological and botanical hall
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126 Tianqiao South Main Street, Beijing 100050, China

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Tips for you

  • You can take a photo of yourselves inside a giant plastic uterus complete with ovaries
  • You have to reserve at least one day before you take the visit.
  • Group Reserve: more than 20 people.
  • Times to pick up tickets: Tuesday-Sunday 09:00-16:00
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the museum after 16:00.
  • They close on Monday
  • Visitors are not allowed to enter the museum after 16:00.
  • If you have kids, they will really enjoy this place.
  • The museum is free if you make prior booking.
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  • Its nearby the temple of heaven.
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This place is very cheap to get in - about one British pound - so just go there for an hour, especially if you have kids with you in Beijing. It has some nice dinosaur skeletons, an unexpected aquarium in the basement, nice bits about plants and animals and for me the best bit was the hit and miss taxidermy - I laughed all the way round! Sorry, but a startled fox and a freaky-looking polar bear are just brilliant!! All the signs are in Cantonese so you might not learn much, but just go, it's fun!

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Very dated... this exhibition which features some very vicious-looking dinosaurs and animals, was still quite nice to visit, considering that I had never been to a Natural History Museum before. Entry was cheap but there were a lot of broken displays and exhibits which was a shame. A lot of people kept looking at me which was disconcerting, I mean, sure they do look at caucasians in Beijing regardless, but still, I was looked at a lot moreso here! Give it a go if you're walking past, it's nice to see how the Chinese do natural history!

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My friend and I were determined to go after reading the review by the geologist below. I have a bizarre love of bad taxidermy and this museum is THE place to be for that. Unless you count Chairman Mao's body, which apparently was embalmed by the JV mortician. Most of the attractions I visited in China had rudimentary exhibit information, at best. I could tell that this museum put a concerted effort into providing complete, reasoned, well laid out information, and I applaud them loudly for that. I only wish I could have read the Chinese versions. The first floor as filled with smirking and grimacing specimens that look more like they're asking you to check their teeth for bits of spinach than growling or snarling. I loved it! Farther up, there's a donated African taxidermy diorama that is fantastic. By contrast, some of the best taxidermy specimens I've seen. If you've already seen Body Worlds, you might want to skip the human body area, otherwise, it's worth seeing the preserved specimens. Once you descend the stairs, you follow the sperm trail around the room, learning about various body functions as you go. The digital displays are broken, for the most part, and the English translations are sparse, but you'll get the general idea anyway. On the down side: All of the digital displays are broken, including the formerly animatronic dinosaurs. And, this was the first place I witnessed split pants being put to use indoors. Twice.

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We went as our 4 year old loves all things dinosaur. She enjoyed it. If you book your ticket it is free. However, it is not cared for enough and there is little information in English by the displays.

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