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Attraction Sahadewa Barong Dance Batubulan Sukawati Gianyar Regency, Bali Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Batubulan is an artistic countryside in west part of Gianyar regency. The identity and image as an art village, Batubulan has been famous in Indonesia and all over the world.

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Why Batubulan Village is special ?

Batubulan Village is part of the administrative region Sub Sukawati, Gianyar regency, Bali province, Indonesia. Gianyar Regency is one tourist destination in the island of Bali which has a unique artistic charm. One of the centers of the arts in the district is located in the Tourism Village Batubulan having centers of art sculptures and carvings are quite famous among domestic and foreign tourists.

This tourist village is also known as a venue for a variety of Balinese performing arts, such as Kecak, Barong Dance and the Legong Dance.


What to explore at Batubulan Village?

As an administrative region, Batubulan Village is divided into three traditional villages, including Indigenous Village Tegaltamu, Jero Kuta Customary Village, and the Indigenous Villages Dlod Tukat. Each traditional village is still divided into several banjo (custom unit that serves to manage the farm). Some of the banjo, in addition to managing the farm, also has the advantage of being able to present the performing arts that demand by tourists, such as Banjar Denjalan (Jero Kuta Customary Village) and Banjar Tegehe (Traditional Village Dlod Tukat) demonstrating Kecak, Barong and Legong .

Tourists who visit the island of Bali Village Batubulan as often associate producer of art objects sculpture with stone base material. This assumption is certainly not wrong, because in this village visitors can easily find galleries and art shops that display various statues, such as Ganesha, Buddha, the gods and goddesses, the heroes, as well as other forms of more modern sculpture. Not only that, in this village are also many craftsmen from wood carvings and crafts from bamboo-craft. Besides sold in place, the work of village society Batubulan it has been exported to many countries as ornaments complement the garden, offices, and hotels.

The village also has a fixed location of the special art show presented to tourists, among others, in Banjar Dejalan, Pura Puseh, Jalan Tahak ISMS (High School Karawitan Indonesia), as well as in the Banjar Tagehe. Performing arts include Barong Dance, Dance Kecak and Legong Dance. For the Barong Dance, performances are usually held every day, which begins at 9.30 pm, while for the Kecak Dance performed on at 18.30 pm. To support excellence in the arts and establish Batubulan image as an art and tourist village, this village has been built in various vocational schools in the fields of art, such as High School of Fine Arts (SMSR), High School Craft Industries (SMIK), as well as Middle School Karawitan Indonesia (ISMS).

Tourists can hire the services of travel providers to facilitate travel to this village. Travel service providers generally have a fixed schedule every performing arts in the Village Batubulan or scheduled visits to various art shop in this village. Except watch dance performances, one of the usual tourist agenda undertaken by tourists in this village is a variety of souvenir shop that sold by gift shops and art galleries are there along the road village Batubulan. Objets d'art such as sculptures and carvings are souvenirs from this village.

Batubulan Village is a strategic crossing point between Denpasar-Gianyar City. Batubulan arguably is the most western gate of Gianyar regency (located about 25 km west of Gianyar regency), and at the same entrance to the area from the east part of Bali Denpasar. The path across the village is quite busy Batubulan because it is a route to Kintamani and Ubud, so that tourists who want to Ubud Kintamani or to stop at this village to watch the performance art and sculpture creations and sculpture by local artists. From Denpasar, Batubulan is about 10 km or takes about 15 minutes by private car or public transportation (taxi / chartered cars). Meanwhile, if tourists start the trip from Kuta Beach and Nusa Two Areas, it takes time + 45 minutes.


Selling points

  • A historical village
  • A combination of history and modern
  • A Cultural village in Bali
  • Ancient Hindu and Buddhist iconography
  • A center of antiques and textiles
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Sahadewa Barong Dance Batubulan Sukawati Gianyar Regency, Bali Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • Remember to bring hats and camera.
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  • In the morning time at 09.30-10.30 am is a time for Barong Dance performance, at night time 18.00-19.00pm is the Kecak Dance or Bali Night.
  • It's better to read about the introduction before you get to the village.
  • Don't forget to bagain if you buy something in this village.
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