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Attraction Batuan Temple, jalan raya batuan Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Batuan is a stunning Hindu temple which is beautifully designed with Balinese architecture and antique Balinese ornaments décor entire temple building

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Why Batuan Temple is special ?

For over a thousand years, Batuan has been a village of artists and craftsmen, old legends and mysterious tales. Batuan’s recorded history begins in A.D. 1022, with an inscription that is housed in the main village temple, Pura Desa Batuan. The name “Batuan” or “Baturan” mentioned here prompts villagers to joke about being “tough as stone” or “eating rocks” — as batu means “stone” in Balinese. But it likely refers to an ancient megalithic tradition in which standing stones served as meeting places and ceremonial sites for the worship of ancestral spirits. Because Batuan became a center from which Buddhist priests and brahmans spread to the main court centers of south Bali, the village has an unusual preponderance of brahmans.


What to explore at Batuan Temple?

At temple parking area, there is standing an ancient building called Wantilan, this place use as a meeting hall and to practice any kind of Balinese dances as Gambuh Dance, Pendet Dance, etc. Before you enter the temple there is some local people at Wantilan will lend you ‘kamben’ (a traditional Balinese costume). It is a must for you to wear ‘Balinese kamben’ to show your respect and honor about the holiness of “Puseh Temple of Batuan Village”. It’s all free, you won’t be charged for entrance. However, the local people expect every tourist who visited to this temple can donate in any amount of money to support the maintenance of the temple. There is provided a simple donation box. Every donation that you give should be based on a sense of sincerity, where Balinese people know it is called “medana punia”.

In the middle yard of temple there is a long building / bale called the Bale Agung and Bale Kulkul (a gong mad by wood or bamboo).In this yard there is also a high entrance Balinese Gate called the Kori Agung, which is flanked by the many guardian statues shaped the giant sculpture. The function of Kori Agung is the door where the exit and entry for the gods symbolized by a small statue called Pratima. Next to the Kori Agung there are two small doors as a place of exit and entry of people into the temple’s main yard.

In the main yard of the temple there are some three story Meru and Bale Pengiyasan as a symbol of

the temple of Besakih, there is also a building called Padmasana as a place of worship to Sang Hyang Widhi, the only one Bali Hindu’s God.


Selling points

  • An Interesting Temple With Beautiful Architecture
  • Holy and sacred temple
  • Stunning architecture and carvings!
  • A Little gem
  • Stunning architecture and carvings
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Batuan Temple, jalan raya batuan Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The little ladies in the back making baskets and flowers will ask you to come and look and take pics, then almost demand a donation.
  • You give a small donation at the beginning and sign a small book. They fit you with a sarong and then stop the traffic to let you cross the road!
  • Since this is a holy and sacred ground, you do need to dress up appropriately. If you wear shorts, there are some stalls offering clothing for rent so that you can enter the temple
  • If you wear long pants and your hip and toes are covered. You needn't to wear sarong.
  • It's free to enter the temple but you can make a small donation
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Batuan Temple is located beside of the main road from Denpasar to Ubud. Temple is used to worship to the God for the villagers of Batuan and at temple parking area, there is a stage which a place used as a meeting hall and practice any kind of Balinese dances. Before we enter the Temple, we were given a sarung and a sash to wrap around our body.The entry gate to the temple appears as a split gate as if it was formed once as one gate that was split into two parts. This gate leads into a courtyard which has a garden and a galaxy of statues fixed at various locations., clearly influenced by Indian religious architecture. Its icons and decorations, however, are typically Balinese in style. The roof of the temple is made of the fibre of chromatic black palm tree. The maintenance of the temple is done by the residents of the village Temple is well maintained, peaceful and clean. Its a photographers' haven for those who loves to take pictures !!!!!

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