Battle of Long Tan Cross

Attraction Long Tan Cross, Long Tân, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Socialist Republic of Vietnam Published on: 27-07-2016

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One of the most well-known Australian engagements of the Vietnam War - external site was the Battle of Long Tan - external site, 18 August 1966.

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Why Battle of Long Tan Cross is special ?

One of the most well-known Australian engagements of the Vietnam War - external site was the Battle of Long Tan - external site, 18 August 1966. The battle saw the action of 108 ANZACS against a Viet Cong (North Vietnamese) force - external site estimated between 1,500 and 2,500. The Battle was one of the heaviest conflicts of the Vietnam War as well as one the few battles in the recorded history of the world to be won against such odds.

Vietnam Veterans' Day, celebrated in Australia on 18 August each year, commemorates the Battle of Long Tan and those Australians who served during the Vietnam War and is an opportunity to remember those who did not come home.

The Vietnam War was the longest war Australia was ever involved in. Australian involvement in the Vietnam War was marked by controversy and significant levels of public opposition to conscription and concern about casualties. The Vietnam War was also the first war witnessed 'live' on television.


What to explore at Battle of Long Tan Cross?

Due to sensitivities regarding the memorial and because it is located on relatively isolated, non-public land, those wishing to visit the site must notify the Dat Do District People’s Committee in writing by fax 3 days in advance of their visit, either individually or through a travel agent.

Local authorities recommend visitors utilise a travel agent as notification should be in Vietnamese language and should include names and passport numbers of visitors, as well as their intended day/time of visits to the LTC. For individuals wishing to notify directly

Selling points

  • Memories of the fallen
  • Please change the Tripadvisor title to The Long Tan Cross
  • A must-see for Australians
  • Long Tan Trek with Dave Sabben MG - a must do for every Aussie and Kiwi
A memorable day in Vung Tau

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Long Tan Cross, Long Tân, Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Socialist Republic of Vietnam

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Tips for you

  • You should bring water and raincoat in case of the weather is hot or rainy unexpectedly
    What to bring
  • You should attend on Anzac Day however any time of the year you can see the area where this battle occurred and can get a feel for the isolation and dense jungle that troops were fighting in.
  • You can also visit Horseshoe Hill, Nui Dat and the Airfield which are all nearby.
    Things nearby
  • Ensure you have a guide with you who can tell the story of the battle and show you pictures, and ensure you enlist the services of a guide to request permission to access.


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“A Veterans Return” 5 of 5 starsReviewed 5 May 2015 This was an emotional experience for me, I'm ex 1Tp 1Fd Sqn RAE, a tunnel rat... Oh boy, what a roller coaster ride of emotion today. Up B&E for breakfast and to meet our “local” guide Ms Huong (aka Banana), started with drive around Vung Tau and saw where the Badcoe Club once stood then on to Ba Ria. The cinema is still there as is the water tower…. Don’t believe that it all has disappeared there are still many many reminders and Ms Huong knows her business. No council yard now it’s a hotel…. Then on to Long Phouc to see the tunnels, now I should have held back but Ms Huong knew if she wasted time around she would never get me in there. Words fail to describe the adrenalin rush, it was not till we surfaced that I became emotional, wow 45 years and the old senses and memories hit me like a driver-less MRT train. Sit down deep breaths… The first of quite a few today…. On to Nui Dat, not much here to recall, Nui Dat it has been used as a quarry and the Airstrip is now the main street of the town. Here there is also a kindergarten that Ms Huong help set up with some Aussies about 5 years ago. But then the car stopped and we were led behind a house and there still standing and instantly recognizable was the rock that was outside HQ, it had a flag pole and plaque on it last time I saw it in 1970 that has gone of course. Using that landmark I could have paced out the exact location of my lodgings but no, long gone are the days of nature rambles through rubber plantations for this little Uc da Loi. Hell that shook me but more was to come. Next up was the site of the Long Tan battle, you have to get the plaque from the “office” as people keep stealing it, and so clutching the plaque we walked down the path to the Long Tan Cross. Carol and I laid a rose in remembrance of the fallen and then I totally came undone. The futility of it all just so some politicians could get their rocks off. I still firmly believe Mr Menzies was as mad as Mr Churchill…… Anyway…. Then it was on to Dat Do but the dog track has long been closed; now rice paddies. It was elusive to ever get to a meet at the Dat Do dogs, I always heard about someone going but never got there myself… The Horseshoe is off to the left just past Dat Do and has been quarried and I didn’t recognize it. Back to Vung Tau to drop off the effervescent and not to mention very attractive Ms Huong who has a stunning younger sister who will hopefully email my eldest Son who could move to Vung Tau and set up a computer shop. Then it was on to a classy restaurant for lunch, we had a pork dish, Veggies, fried rice and beef washed down with lashings of iced green tea and beer…. I had cried so much I needed serious re-hydration… Not sure if the ghosts have been expunged, but it was a very interesting and emotional day for us. I’m glad I did return, I was just not prepared for the rush and raw emotion.

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