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Attraction Prasat Bat Chum Campuchia Published on: 13-11-2015

1 hours 30 mins
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Temple & Monument
20.00 USD

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Bat Chum is a pretty historical Buddhist temple with three unique brick towers and great atmosphere for exploring Khmer culture

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Why Bat Chum is special ?

Trio of small brick towers on a platform with two surviving lintels in pretty good condition. Bat Chum is a historically unique early Buddhist temple constructed at a time when Hinduism dominated. The inscriptions on the doorways note the Buddhist dedication, praise the architect (who was also the architect for East Mebon and Pre Rup,) and admonishes local elephant handlers to keep their beasts off the dikes, like an ancient 'keep off the grass' sign

What to explore at Bat Chum?

The three Prasats of Bat Chum were dedicated to a kind of trinity of Mahayana Buddhism, namely the Buddha in the central, Avalokiteshvara as Vajrapani in the southern and Prajnaparamita in the northern tower.

The Bat Chum inscriptions, though difficult to decode, are significant historical sources. Apart from usual information about a king's political achievements and religious dedications, the Bat Chum inscriptions mention the clear water in the lake for the benefit of the people. Reservoir building was one of the major tasks of a king according to Buddhist scriptures. The Bat Chum inscriptions admonish local elephant handlers to keep their beasts off the reservoir dams, calling the elephants "dyke breakers". Those inscriptions are first and foremost poems, praising the temple founder Kavindrarimathana, but signed by different persons.

How to get to Bat Chum?

Bat Chum is located about 500 m south of Srah Srang, there is a footpath from the reservoir to the temple. At the mainroad (Small Circuit and Grand Circuit alike) is a signboard

It is accessible by Beng Mealea ancient road, which is located north of Kravan village.

Selling points

  • Different, quiet and beautiful
  • Great architecture, peaceful ambience
  • A lovely small temple of Buddhist
  • Pleasant ancient place for short trip
  • Really nice and unique temple
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Prasat Bat Chum Campuchia

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Tips for you

  • today this temple structure is very ruined
    What to see
  • Bat Chum is surrounded by a deep moat which is always full of water.
    What to see
  • You should bring your hat and sunscreen, it's really sunny
    What to bring
  • It's not really good for photo opportunities
  • Each tower bears a different inscription, but with a common last verse, literally meaning “dyke breakers”.
  • there is some restoration work in progress
  • It's better if you go with a tour guide
  • Best time to visit is in early morning or at sunset
  • It maybe difficult for you to reach this temple, you should check this direction carefully before you go.
  • The ticket will not be checked here, but it is required at that part of the Small and Grand Circuit road you have to use, before taking the minor road leading to the Bat Chum temple.
    Ticket and Pricing


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Currently under restoration, visit only if you have the time. Three small brick towers are what remains. Bat Chum is a Buddhist temple. It is situated between Pre Rup and Srah Srang.

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Unfortunately, our visit was a little disappointing due to the current restoration process and the large amount of scaffolding. I understand the necessity for the process required, so in all fairness this would be a worthwhile side trip enroute to Banteay Kdei when it's completed (we did it the back way on the return from Banteay Samre then onto Banteay Kdei). However, if you have ample time (7 day Apsara Angkor pass) then it's OK to least you can tick it off your Angkor Wat list. Just not real good for photo opportunities, at the moment.

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Consiglio di arrivare in questo piccolo complesso solo per la bella strada che farete per arrivare, il che vi aiuta a spezzare un po'

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Currently under restoration, visit only if you have the time. Three small brick towers are what remains. Bat Chum is a Buddhist temple. It is situated between Pre Rup and Srah Srang.

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