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Attraction Southwest corner of Macau Peninsula, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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Barra square’s beauty keeps on getting better with reclamation of more land and recent development of two artificial lakes. It is one of the most beautiful attraction points entertains tourists

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Why Barra Square is special ?

Barra Square being one of the most beautiful attraction points entertains tourists with occasional performances like lion dance. Anyone can get totally relaxed after a glimpse of the sea which makes it a perfect picnic spot and people from many areas come here just to get relaxed and to be sound and in peace with their mind. Its beautiful scenery has already attracted many movie companies and scoop for more in the future as well.

Barra square’s beauty keeps on getting better with reclamation of more land and recent development of two artificial lakes. It is because of its ever growing beauty that the tourists totally get attracted to Barra Square. It is also covered by banyan trees along the shore giving it a schematic view.


What to explore at Barra Square?

Barra Square is located half way up the barra hill is the A-Ma temple which is a must to watch sight while you are at the Barra Square. It is known for its exemplary gate pavilion, remarkable hall of guanayin and many more which makes this temple to be in perfect harmony with the natural environment. It is here that you can see inspiration of Chinese culture from Buddhism, Confucianism and many other multiple cultural beliefs.

Worth watching moments at Barra Square:The best place to visit at Barra Square would be A-Ma temple during the time of festival, it is during this time when most of the tourists get attracted and visit Barra is in this temple that one can find exemplary piece of Chinese culture.. The view of the shore from the sea during the night makes an unforgettable impression in a person’s mind.The beautiful architecture of the Portugal with the use of the wavy kind of tiles. The sight of their architecture itself is mind blowing and could take a person to a fantasy land of no return. While at Barra Square one could also attempt to visit Senado square which is the center of Macau it is between this square that many notable architectures are present some of them would are Sam Kai Vui Kun, Leal Senado Building, and Holy House of Mercy.


How to get to Barra Square?

Because Barra Square near the entrance of A-Ma Temple you can use this way to get the temple instead:

From the ferry terminal, you can take bus no. 10A and get off at Avenida de Almeida Ribeiro, Avenida Almeida. Then you can walk to the Ruins of St. Paul. The same bus will take you to A-ma Temple. Afterwards, you can take bus no. 21A near the temple and get off at City of Dreams. It is within walking distance to the Venetian.

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Southwest corner of Macau Peninsula, Macau, China

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Tips for you

  • You can take a short taxi ride or public bus. Just use any bus that calls upon or ends at Barra.
  • For full details on all CNY activities at Barra Square, best to visit the Macau Government Tourist Office (MGTO) website.
    What to know
  • Barra Square is accessible by foot, just have a look at the Macau maps provided at the ferry terminal, airport and most hotels
    What to know


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This is the sea-facing area around the front of A-Ma temple and houses the temple and the Maritime Museum. With its familiar Portuguese style paving, comfortable benches beneath shady trees and food stalls, the square is a favorite relaxing area for locals and tourists alike. The square is clean, has an open feel and is not too crowded except probably around festivals and events. The famous Macau tower is also visible from the square and is just a short walk away. Best visited along with the A-Ma temple, Maritime museum and the nearby Macau Tower.

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For those who want to follow the dragon parade through the Historic Centre of Macau during on Chinese New Year day, this is a major stop where the 238-metre long dragon stops and curls into a large scale pattern. After ritual dance and music, much confetti is shot into the air and the dragon begins to unwind and make its way onward towards Macau Towers. You can take great pictures of the dragon performance set before the World Heritage A-Ma Temple found here at Barra Square. Afterwards, you can continue to follow the dragon onward to Macau Towers if you have the energy and interest to do so or stick around Barra Square for the fun and festivities here.

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