Banyan Tree Temple

Attraction Senggarang, Tanjung Pinang, Riau, Indonesia Published on: 29-09-2016

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Banyan Tree Temple is a Chinese shrine worshipped by locals. This temple is mentioned in almost all tourist literatures and is considered a “must see” for all visitors to Bintan.

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Why Banyan Tree Temple is special ?

The Banyan Tree Temple is a Chinese shrine worshipped by locals. The shrine is a new development although probably decades old and occupies an older building said to be 200 years ago. The temple structure is wrapped and held together by the roots of a banyan tree hence its name Banyan Tree temple.

Very little information is available about the shrine or the origins of the building. A possible clue is a stone plaque at the entrance of the structure. The plaque is carved with three Chinese characters “Da Fu Di” 大夫第. During the Ming and Qing dynasties, “Da Fu Di” 大夫第 usually refers to the private residences of middle and lower ranking court officials. If this stone plaque was commissioned at the time of construction, then the original owners might have come from scholarly families.


What to explore at Banyan Tree Temple?

True to its name, the Banyan Tree Temple is easily recognisable by the massive Banyan tree over it that has, over time, become part of its structure. More than two centuries old, the temple carries with it a fascinating story, whereby an old man’s wish to die and be buried in his own home had caused the Banyan tree’s roots to grow around the house, as if enveloping it in a protective embrace. Over the years, the house has since become a sacred temple, with devotees from as far as Thailand coming over for an annual pilgrimage. It is said that the temple can grant wishes and bring good fortune to those who visit it.


How to get to Banyan Tree Temple?

This temple can be accessible by boat and private car. But the road is quite narrow so it's easy to be stuck on the way to this temple. You can get back to the jetty from here without returning to the temple complex by taking the first left on your way back.

Selling points

  • Colourful and jolly
  • A Banyan Tree Temple with 200 years histories
  • Spiritual Place in Bintan
  • A charming and peaceful place
  • Small temple, look like mini angkor wat
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Senggarang, Tanjung Pinang, Riau, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • The toilet facilities here are not clean, you should beware of this.
  • You should visit this place after Penyengat Island and you will find the difference of the two cultures and heritages.
    Things to do
  • It can also get really hot here, so make sure you bring water as much as possible.
    What to bring
  • This temple can get crowded and it's better to plan visits out of regular timings.
  • Mostly built over the sea, the charming village nearby has many alleyways and roadside stalls to explore.
    Things nearby
  • If you are scared of lizards then you should be careful when going to Bintan islands.
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It is amazingly that a Temple which is surrounded by Banyan Tree roots is indeed a good place to visit. especially If you are a Buddhist, you could spent your time to visit to that temple. it was an old and historical temple which is located at Senggarang Island. The island is not big, no shopping mall, but market selling local foods are available. it is a small island but filled with many 100 years historical temples. There are others old temples which you could visit if you were there. It worths... pray and make a wish... who knows, will turn into reality ^^....

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