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Bakong (Khmer: ប្រាសាទបាគង) is the first temple mountain of sandstone constructed by rulers of the Khmer empire at Angkor near modern Siem Reap in Cambodia.

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Why Bakong is special ?

Built in the late 9th century by Indravarman I, this is the state temple dedicated to Shiva as Indreshvara. Bakong is located at Roluos south of Preah Ko. Enter and leave the temple at the east. A modern Buddhist temple is situated to the right of the east entrance to Bakong. It was build in late ninth century (881) by king Indravarman I dedicated to Siva (Hindu) followed Prah Ko art style.

What to explore at Bakong?

Before entering an enclosure measuring 400 by 300 meters which is surrounded by an exterior wall and a moat somewhat wider than it is deep, you can find yourselves in a larger enclosure measuring 900 by 700 meters. In this outer enclosure, ruins and remains of at least 22 sanctuaries are found. These sanctuaries can perhaps be considered satellites of the central complex in that some of them, instead of facing east, turn to face the central pyramid.

The naga (serpent) with seven heads found on the side of the entrance causeway appears here for the first time in the place which will be taken by future naga balustrades. The brick towers, located at the foot of the pyramid, still have their original wooden supporting beams despite the ravages of time.

Selling points

  • Rolus Group of Temples
  • A wonderful image of old & new
  • 9th century temple-mountain!
  • Sunrise - all by yourself
  • Exceptional stones
3 days with friends in Siem Reap

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Prasat Bakong Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • Eating/drinking and toilets can be a little scarsed around this area, so take enough water with you.
  • There are food stalls at east gate and a working monastery to the right of east gate entry across moat were many festivals are held.
  • Go early to avoid the majority of the tourist buses.
  • Take a bottle of water; a hat & wear sunscreen. Its really HOT
    What to bring
  • Do not wear flip flops unless you don't want to climb to the top.
    What to wear
  • Be respectful. Ladies that means do not wear beach attire. Long pants or skirts are best; some temples will not allow access to anyone that is scantly clothed.
    What to wear
  • Be sure to take the time to just sit quietly and drink it all in. Bus loads of tourist will come along but they're gone soon enough so be patient.
  • This temples requires a bit of walking, you will need almost an hour because of all the stairs.
  • Get a guide. You will 'see' a lot more than just using a guidebook.
  • Be careful you trying to climb using the stair, it is a little bit slippery and size quite small.
  • Do not touch the carvings. Over the years, many carvings have worn away simply from the natural oils in our skin
  • Do not sit on any parts of the temple. Not only is it disrespectful, the temple is delicate & very old.
  • The temple itself is very high, you can climb the stairs up to the top and the reward is a beautiful Buddha statue.
  • A good view is obtained at the SE corner building in the morning across to Temple


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Bakong is one of the most impressive member temple in roluos group Sitting at the center of the first Angkorian capital, hariharalaya Bakong build by king Indravaraman I ,construct : late 9th centurystand 15 meters tall and Visiter can climb that temple at early morning that the best Time of visit before moving to diffirence temple in roluos group To me I would recommend to all client who come to visit Angkor wat don't forget to visit this One it stand at old city And best stucture sun

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