Baiyun Mountain

Remote Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng China Published on: 18-09-2016

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Baiyun Mountain, formerly romanized as Pakwan, is a mountain range in Guangzhou. Baiyun is Mandarin Chinese for "White Clouds", derived from views of the mountain's peaks shrouded in mist during late Spring or after a rain.

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How to get to Baiyun Mountain?

By Bus:

White Cloud Mountain South Gate (Yuntai Garden)

Take bus 63 or 245 and get off at Yuntai Garden Bus Station;

Take bus B16, B18, 32, 46, 60, 63, 127, 175, 179, 199, 210, 223, 241, 257, 285, 298, 540 or 841 and get off at White Cloud Telpher (Baiyun Suodao) Station.

White Cloud Mountain West Gate

Take bus B18, 36, 38, 66, 76A, 76, 127, 223, 245, 265, 424, 529, 660, 664, 734, 805 or 864 and get off at the West Gate (Baiyunshan Ximen) Station.

Luhu Park

Take bus tourism bus line 1, 63 or 245 and get off at Luhu Station. Then walk about 30 minutes to the park.

By Subway:

Take Subway Line 3 and get off at Meihuayuan Station. Walk about 1,200 meters to the Plum Garden of White Cloud Mountain.


Selling points

  • Place to hike and see subtropical plants
  • Relaxing day out for local people
  • A huge park, popular and busy
  • Great Scenic Destination in Guangzhou
  • Very convenient location and nice place to spend few hours
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Baiyun Mountain Baiyun Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng China

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Tips for you

  • Make sure you bring bug spray - you can get a lot of bites walking through the jungle!
    What to bring
  • Best time for visit: October-December (generally, rainy from April to June, typhoon season in August and September).
  • CNY 5 is the entrance fee only. You need to make extra payments to visit some attraction, Cable Car, Sightseeing Bus and Pulley.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • There is a Luming Restaurant in the Luhu Lake at the south of Baiyun Mountain. If you enjoy you meal there, please not forger to taste its inimitable dishes.
    Things nearby
  • Be sure to check the price before ordering as tea for 1 or 2 is more expensive than a casual dinner for 2 in a restaurant.


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Depending on how far up you intend to go and what way, this is a serious trek! Know your limits and wear proper non-cotton athletic clothing, especially if you aren't used to the heat and humidity. I'm a pretty fit runner and hiked the whole thing, from the western gate base to summit- it was almost too much for me and I definitely gave myself a mild case of heatstroke. However, the view is great if you can ignore the smog, and so is the quad/hamstring workout! Also lots of cool stuff to see along the way. Wouldn't do that whole hike again, but glad I did it once.

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