Baishui River

Attraction Beside Yunshan Plain, Lijiang 674100, China Published on: 22-09-2016

2 hours
02:00 PM
04:00 PM
First-time visit
5.90 USD

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Baishui River in Lijiang is the branch of Jinsha River, which is the upper reach of the famous Yangtze River in China.

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How to get to Baishui River?

You will pass by the Baishui River from Lijiang to Spruce Meadow and can pay a visit on the way; you can also take the No.7 bus to there at the Hongtaiyang Square near the big water wheels.



Beside Yunshan Plain, Lijiang 674100, China

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Tips for you

  • You can hike along the river's edge or ride on a horse or yak
  • Baishui River is nearby the road from Lijiang to Yanshanping, so tourists can take a visit on their way to Lijiang or Yunshanping.
  • There are gorgeously-dressed yaks along the Baishui River, tourists can pay to ride on them, or take photos with them, only 5 Yuan for one time.


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Crowded with tourists, but a scenic place. Good for photo fanatics, nothing to buy there but good for nature lovers. Need to take a bus to get there.

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Marvelous waterfalls that are part of the Blue moon Valley. There are quite a few waterfalls on your stroll, so don't worry that you'll miss that perfect shot. By the end of your walk, you'll have plenty. Touch the water, since the Chinese say it is good luck to do so!

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