Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum

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The Baclayon Museum is another attraction of Baclayon, Bohol. Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum is located in the same complex as Baclayon Church of the Immaculate Conception.

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Why Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum is special ?

The Baclayon Museum is another attraction of Baclayon, Bohol. Aside from the centuries old Baclayon Church which is deluged by tourists almost daily, the museum is likewise a tourist destination. In fact, a visit to the church is not complete without a stopover at the museum.

Housed in Baclayon Church, the religious artefacts kept here include church music written in Latin on canvases made of animal skin. Portions of the music are played during church services. Visitors can also view traditional robes and other period clothing and a nice selection of religious artworks, most of which date to the 1500s. An impressive volume of liturgical manuscripts have also been preserved in the museum. The church itself is a fine example of 16th century Jesuit architecture, though an updated facade was added in the 1800s.


What to explore at Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum?

Although small in size, the museum carries a handful of religious artifacts that interestingly showcase the legacy that the Spaniards left on our beloved island. Looking at these artifacts, especially the vestments which are embroidered with gold, we relive the moment when these was worn, oh so elegantly!

Aside from the ecclesiastical vestments, there are other items on display which were used during the ritual of the Mass that dates centuries back such as the hymnals or the cantorals of Baclayon. The hymnals are big and written in Latin. What is of note is that the covers of the hymnals are made of animal (carabao) skin, the pages are of sheep skin and the ink used was taken from plant sap.


How to get to Baclayon Ecclesiastical Museum?

The museum lies inside the Baclayon Church premises about 6-7 kilometers from Tagbilaran City. One can hardly miss the dark and imposing structure of the church since it is along the national road; very accessible by bus, hired van or private ride.


Selling points

  • Worthwhile stair-climbing
  • Glimpse of the Past
  • Historical for the religious
  • A nice museum of religious artifacts
  • Spiritual historical place in Bohol
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Tips for you

  • Opening hours: Monday to Saturday: 8.30am – 11.45am, 1.30pm – 4.45pm (11.45am – 1.30pm CLOSED), Sunday: 9.30am – 11.45am, 1.30pm – 4.15pm (11.45am – 1.30pm CLOSED)
  • Picture taking is not allowed inside the museum; however, guests can freely take pictures of the church’s interiors.
  • The museum part is not air conditioned and the artifacts truly are in dust and not in mint condition.
  • Before entering the museum, you can first have a look at the interior of Baclayon Church, especially of its majestic altar and the frescoes above it.
    Things nearby
  • The museum at the back has a nice small garden and they have clean rest rooms for visitors.


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There is nothing exhilarating or amazing in these collection, unless you are a history buff with a niched interest in ecclesiastical history. But buried inside these relics and jars and retablos and documents are the stories of a people. Let your imagination run wild. Ask questions? Create scenarios when old priests wore those ancient garments and how heavy they were, and how hot it must have been for them considering the climate in Bohol. Then, the museum will serve its purpose: it opens your imagination. It is a portkey to our past.

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