Baan Tawai - The Village of Handicraft

Attraction 90 Moo 2 Baan Tawai, Khun Khong, Hangdong, Chiang Mai 50230, THAILAND Published on: 17-06-2016

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Ban Tawai, the village of wood-carving handicrafts is considered as the must-visit market in Chiangmai to discover the cultural background in of Thailand.

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Why Baan Tawai - The Village of Handicraft is special ?

This crafts village in the district of Hang Dong, 20 kilometers south of Chiang Mai, has traditionally been the center of the handicrafts trade in Northern Thailand with showrooms displaying fantastic collections of antiques and carved wood furniture.

Best known for its wood sculptures, wood carvings, and wood-based merchandises, the handicraft products of Baan Tawai have been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans for over 40 years.

The unique design of wooden handicrafts at Baan Tawai includes: wood texture polishing, which brings out the beauty of the wood; crackle paint wood: a paint producing a crackled effect on the wood; and wood antiquing, where new wood is made to look like antique.


What to explore at Baan Tawai - The Village of Handicraft?

Sightseeing tour within Baan Tawai, OTOP Tourism Village:

Baan Tawai received the “OTOP Village of Thailand” award by the Interior Ministry in 2004 and it was awarded the first “OTOP Tourism Village of Thailand” title from the Ministry of Tourism and Sports.

Tawai Temple

The temple is exquisitely adornedwith carved woods and the beauty ofthe Tawai temple became famous. To decorate the temple, the villagers delivered their masterpieces such as carved wooden doors and windows for parts of the temples such as the Wihara (hall), the extension of the apex of the gable, the over 200 year old ancient Khong, the Lanna-styled Tripitaka chamber and the arched housing of Kru Ba Chao Sobha (Bao), the famous Buddhist monk.

Baan Tawai Handicraft Center and Baan Tawai's Song Fung Klong Handicraft

Center Song Fung Klong Handicraft Center is located at the heart of Baan Tawai Village. The premises are decorated with Lanna architecture and the picturesque landscape and rural surroundings emphasize Baan Tawai`s natural atmosphere. The center is the meeting point of a variety of handicrafts, such as animal sculptures, angel sculptures, mythical animal sculptures, wooden flowers, picture frames, vases, and export quality wooden furniture.

Handicraft route “wood sculpture”

Visit the craftsmen in their own workshops underneath their homes

How to get to Baan Tawai - The Village of Handicraft?

You can go bus or rent a motorcycle. It is about 15 km away from Chiang Mai town. Take the Chiang Mai - Hod route. Turn left at the Extra-curricular Office junction. Go straight towards Baan Tawai Village for about 3.5 km, and the market will be on your right.

Selling points

  • A nice shopping place for great deals
  • Heritage of woodcarving
  • Amazing craft work and carvings
  • A village of local wisdom
  • Good place to shop for home decor
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90 Moo 2 Baan Tawai, Khun Khong, Hangdong, Chiang Mai 50230, THAILAND

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Tips for you

  • Prices is really good and a lot cheaper than at the night market or any of the walking street markets.
  • If you see things you like then don't be afraid to entrust them to Thailand Post and post them home
  • Don't forget to bargain to have good deal!
  • There is a great little coffee shop for those who need a break
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We visited Baan Tawai in early January 2014. I seriously could have spent days poking around in the stores in Baan Tawai, but as I had my ever-patient-but-can-only-tolerate-so-much-shopping hubby with me I had to be happy with just a few hours. And what a great few hours we had. Baan Tawai is renowned for wood work (carvings, furniture, home décor) but there were also all sorts of linens, souvenirs, ceramics and much more. We bought some really beautiful carved wooden wall hangings that look so beautiful in our home. I was amazed at how quiet it was the day we went (a Wednesday) and at the variety of goodies available. Prices were really good and a lot cheaper than at the night market or any of the walking street markets. Baan Tawai does take time to wander around, so take your time and enjoy! I'll be heading there next time I visit CM :) P.S. If you see things you like then don't be afraid to entrust them to Thailand Post and post them home - we posted our four carved wooden wall hangings home and it was cheap and fast and the items arrived safely.

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Amazing crafts place. Wooden furniture is very cheap

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