Angkor Night Market

Restaurant Angkor Night Market Angkor Night Market St Krong Siem Reap Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

04:00 PM - 11:55 PM
2.00 - 5.00 USD

Angkor Night Market is good for

Good for family with kids Family with kids Good
Good for senior Senior Good
Good for couple Couple Good
Good for solo Solo Good
Good for group Group Good
  • Highly recommended by fellow travellers.
Angkor Night Market preserves traditional Khmer handicrafts while alleviating poverty and improving the lives of Khmer people. It's also a place to have some good and cheap foods.

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Why Angkor Night Market is special ?

The First Night Market In Cambodia, Angkor Night Market is still open. When you arrive from Sivutha turn to the left you will then see (Entrance A) Here you will find the new Island Bar at the front together with the Kroma House, behind which you will see CoCo House and many stalls offering a wide selection of local goods and Souvenirs, through to the back where you can find Baray Spa and enjoy a massage.

Arriving from Sivutha and turn to the right (Entrance B) you will see the new Brick House and like Entrance A you will find a wide choice of goods and a place to enjoy a chilled massage. The Night Market offer you a Hassle Free, Enjoyable Safe Shopping Experience With Khmer Village Type Feel.

Bar – Restaurants – OPEN DAY AND NIGHT, Street Food – Soft Drinks & Snack Shop, Boutique And Souvenir Shops – Selected Cambodian Products – Massage And Spa, Wheelchair Access / Clean Toilets On Site, Fire Prevention / Fire Fighting System On Site.

For more adventurous, you can try this food:

Chilli fried insects

It’s deep fried and coated in something that seems to be a mix of salt, herbs and chilli, spindly legs neatly folded between a big, hard shelled body


Selling points

  • Great place to eat
  • Very interesting experience
  • Best place with cheap foods
  • Very good local foods
  • A must go!


  • Noise level Normal
  • Budget Budget
  • Alcohol NO
  • Air condition NO
  • Had kid menu NO
  • Accept credit card NO
  • Serve breakfast NO
  • Serve halal NO
  • Serve vegeterian NO
3 days with friends in Siem Reap

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3.0 days
457.90 USD
Total travel distance
Number of places
25 places




Angkor Night Market Angkor Night Market St Krong Siem Reap Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • There is a loads of great cheap street food and nice more expensive restaurants.
  • This is also a convenient place to buy those small cheap stuff to bring home as presents
  • You should drop in here if you want to eat like a local, with the locals
  • If you are a foody who want to experience the best local foods at local price, visit this place
  • There are various markets on the way, so just enjoy looking around. Its fun after having a shower and resting a little after all the temples


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This is a fun time, Although the stalls start to get all a little familiar, selling the same things, it is a fun way to interact with locals. Inside at the rear music was playing with a number of lady boys lip-syncing popular songs. Have fun and remember keep a smile on your face and barter. Visited August 2015

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This was such a nice experience- the market was clean and in nice wooden huts selling different types of souvenirs- yes it sells the travelling pants and t-shirts but they also have nice gifts. Less business and hassle from the locals.

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Yes absolutely this place exists for tourist and everyone caters for it. For that reason its not hugely different from any other (night) market in SE Asia nor are the wares being peddled, but still: The vibrancy and the smells and sounds make it a must if you're staying in town. The same goes for Pub Street... though we felt it was all rather more expensive having just come from Thailand Visited August 2015

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Very organized -- they have the food, art, and fashion set in different sections. Be careful with remork drivers as they tend to be assertive on getting tourists to take their ride.

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