Ali Mountain (Alishan)

Attraction 605, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Alishan Township, 中正村59號 Published on: 13-11-2015

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Ali Mountain is the centerpiece of the Alishan National Scenic Area. The area is massive and offers much more than a single hike up to the mountain's peak.

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Why Ali Mountain (Alishan) is special ?

Alishan, or Ali Mountain is the centerpiece of the Alishan National Scenic Area. The area is massive and offers much more than a single hike up to the mountain's peak. Located in the northeast part of the Jiayi County in Taiwan Province, Ali Mountain is in fact the general name of the eighteen hills including Zhu Hill and Tower Hill. Its highest peak is Tower Hill with the height of 2,663 meters (about 8,736 feet). Ali Mountain is world famous for its 'five rare sites' including the Sunrise, the Ali Mountain Forest Railway, the famous Alishan Sacred Tree, the Grand Sea of Clouds, and the Flamboyant Cherry Blossom. It is said that one who has not been there will never know its wonderful beauty.


What to explore at Ali Mountain (Alishan)?

Alishan's park is a relatively family-friendly tourist attraction for nature-lovers and tea enthusiasts. The Ali shan area also offers sublime hiking and mountain climbing. The mountain area holds a fantastic reputation in the minds of the Taiwanese, famous for such pleasant things as idyllic sunrises, high-quality tea, spring cherry blossoms, hiking trails, and much, much more.

Like most places in Taiwan, Alishan has its primary claim to fame - the sunrise. If you ask any local what the most important thing to do at Alishan is, they will almost all mention heading to one of the high peaks in the scenic area to catch the sun peeking up from underneath the "sea of clouds". The sea of clouds and the cherry blossom should not be overlooked. If you want to avoid sunstroke, the comfortable climate in midsummer on Ali Mountain will be a good choice.


How to get to Ali Mountain (Alishan)?

Travel from Taipei to Alishan

This is the most reliable way to get to Alishan as the Alishan Forest Train is very often out of order.

Step 1: First, travel from Taipei to Chiayi by High Speed Rail (HSR); 1.5 hour; NT$860 or by normal train (TRA); around NT$500; 3.5 hours.

Step 2: If you take the HSR, you'll need to get to the Chiayi TRA Station, which is located in downtown Chiayi. You can either take a taxi or a shuttle bus. The shuttle bus is easy to locate as there are English signs in the station.

Step 3: From the Chiayi Bus Station (next to the train station), you can take a bus (NT$220; 2.5 hours) all the way to Alishan.


Selling points

  • Beautiful flowers and tall trees
  • A place of scenic beauty
  • One of the most famous mountain in Taiwan
  • Breathtaking sunrise and sea of clouds
  • Awesome Alishan, a must for every nature- lover
2 Day 1 Night Trip in Alishan - Chiayi

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605, Taiwan, Chiayi County, Alishan Township, 中正村59號

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Tips for you

  • You can take the small tourist Alishan train to reduce the amount of walking into the heart of Alishan and then start an easy hiking route into the forest to enjoy the fresh air of nature.
  • There is a Chinese Juniper within the Ali Mountain forest area. It is so huge that more than ten people can surround the circumference.
    What to see
  • For food, strolling around Alishan's main square near the car park will give you a good sampling of what you'll need.
  • It's best to wake up early morning to get in a row for the very first train so you can the good spot to take a photo.
  • The spot with the Japanese name - Okamura something is the best spot to see the sunrise but you have to walk up about 700 meters or so from the train station.
  • You should bring along water and snacks as there are no shops inside the hiking trail.
    What to bring
  • Keep in mind that Alishan is a highly popular place for Taiwanese tourists, so holidays and weekends will be busy.
  • You should note that the weather is hot and humid but obviously gets cooler and thinner as you make your way up the mountains.
  • The bus is so cramped and the roads leading to Alishan are really winding. Be sure to take medicine if you're not used to traveling in this kind of road.
  • Getting around in Alishan is quite easy, and will involve some combination of trains and walking and hiking.
    What to know


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Ali Mountain is one of the most famous mountain in Taiwan, when you are at the Ali Mountain, you can feel the phytoncid all around you. Ali Mountain is famous for its beauty of nature with living creatures and of course sunrise and sea of clouds. If you want to see the sunrise, you don't have to worry about climbing the mountain, because there is a train that will carry you all the way until the top of the mountain. While you are on the train, you can see the scenery down which everything seems so small but with the glory of the morning. if you want to see the sea of clouds, I would recommend you to visit in the winter time, because there will be more clouds in the winter and it would be very magnificent and if you are going to visit in the winter, definitely have to ride the forest train and see the glowing fireflies that look like the stars in the sky. When you are at the bottom of the hill, you can see ekiben, streets hall and old train station. The time that is best to visit Ali Mountain actually depends on what you like to see, if it is spring there will be flowers everywhere, summer and autumn will be best to see the night sky and if you are lucky, you might see the galaxy!

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Waking up to see the morning sunrise is a must! Absolutely breathtaking.

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