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Aberdeen Harbour is full of colorful floating seafood restaurants, rows upon rows of the old-fashioned junks and sampans, old traditional house boats of fishermen.

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Why Aberdeen Harbour is special ?

Aberdeen Harbor is on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. It is on the other side of Victoria Peak from the main Hong Kong urban area. Aberdeen is the largest town on Hong Kong Island outside the main urban area, and the harbor was famous as the place where the Hong Kong boat people lived in the 1960s and 1970s. Movies such as a James Bond movie and a Bruce Lee movie were filmed there, so the harbor is recognized world wide. Now, the harbor area is mainly an anchorage for the yachts and pleasure boats of the Hong Kong suburban dwellers in the area. But there are still some famous floating restaurants and local fisherman using the bay, so it is a place to go for seafood on a boat and to see the scenery and the area tourist destinations like Hong Kong Ocean Park.

Source: http://www.chinahighlights.com/

What to explore at Aberdeen Harbour?

There is anchorage for yachts, fishing boats, and floating restaurant boats, and there is a typhoon shelter called Bei Fung Tong where boats can anchor when there is a storm.

Now, tourism is a big industry, and there are two big restaurant boats, as well as smaller restaurant boats that double as people's apartments.

The local fishermen sell their daily catch to these restaurants or to the fish market. Visiting a Chinese authentic fish market is an eye-opener. There are many interesting things dead and alive. You can learn a lot about the animals that live in the sea.

The two famous boats are called the Jumbo and the Tai Bak. These are colorful, big boats. You may think that the food is over-priced, but seafood is good. They have free shuttle boats taking people to the boats.

Source: http://www.chinahighlights.com/

How to get to Aberdeen Harbour?

Public Transportation: A lot of buses go to Aberdeen including Buses No. 38, 42, 78, 91, 91A, 94A, 95, 595, 7, 37A, 37B, 41A, 48, 70, 71, 73, 76, 77, 90B, 98, 107, 170, 970X, 971, 973 and A10.There are green-roofed minibuses to Aberdeen, including Minibuses No. 4A, 4B, 4C, 4S, 5, 35M, 39C, 51, 51A, 51S, 52, 58, 59, 59A, 63, 63A and 69. There are also red-roofed minibuses that go to Aberdeen.

You can take the Metro to Central Station and go through Exit A and then walk to the bus station to take Bus No. 7 to Aberdeen. Tours booked through China Highlights include private transport to Aberdeen.

Source: http://www.chinahighlights.com/

Selling points

  • Traditional fish market on the boats
  • Great View on a Clear Day
  • Interesting Place to visit, Watch out for the trap
  • Historic Aberdeen Harbour
  • Must see the Harbour in a Sampan
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Aberdeen Hong Kong

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Tips for you

  • Hong Kong is still fairly warm and is drier in October and November. But unless there is a storm, you might like the sea in the summer.
  • The sampan ride in the maddening city of Hong Kong can be a nice change.
    Things to do
  • Aberdeen Harbor is between the town of Aberdeen and the island of Ap Lei Chau. It is in the Southern District of Hong Kong Island on Aberdeen Praya Road.
  • Don't be surprised that this market is always be crowded and full of merchants everywhere
  • It is close to Hong Kong Ocean Park.
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  • Don't forget to take photograph, you'll never find any place really like this in Hongkong
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Aberdeen Harbour holds something of a rich history but all of that is almost forgotten now!Pros: Great views (not the same as Sydney or San Francisco - but all harbours have a soul and Aberdeen's is pretty raw), arrive for lunch and take advantage of the FREE Jumbo Restaurant Ferry to see the Harbour (hop on at the Aberdeen Promenade Pier and enjoy a longer ride up to Sum Wan where the restaurant is). Cons: Can be a bit deflating in the wet!!Lunch at the Jumbo Restaurant is expensive .... but a worthwhile experience to tick off the Bucket List!!

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I have lived in Hong Kong for Many years and even managed to pick up a little bit of Cantonese along the way. One of the standard visits when I have family and friends visit is the Junk Boat tour around Aberdeen Harbour. The tour is quite interesting and worth it, Yesterday we paid 30HKD per head after a little negotiation. Pay no attention if they wave an ancient photocopy from a 1990's era rough guide book saying expect to pay 50$ per person. Although well worth the trip, I have noticed that the Junk boat tour guides have found a trick which I first noticed around 10 years ago. The fact that they, unsuccessfully, tried it on me yesterday made me decide to write it up as clearly it still seems to be paying dividends. Once the tour guide or agent has negotiated a price, nothing more will be said, you will get the guide (very interesting it is too) up to a point, no money will be taken at the beginning of the tour The reason will soon be clear). Once you are at your furthest point from your boarding point they will then try to re-negotiate and ask for more money, the idea is that you panic and fear that you can't get back. This psychology worked very well on me the first time even though I was not a tourist works very well, yesterday I simply laughed it off and they soon continue the trip. On Landing I then (using my best Cantonese) turned the tables and offered less than the original agreed fee. Obviously they weren't happy at this and I pointed out the Irony. Hopefully if you have now read this, don't be put off the trip, but stand your ground and they may eventually give up their little extortion

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