Abatan River Firefly Tour

Attraction Cortes,Bohol,Philippin Published on: 13-11-2015

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Abatan River Firefly Tour is a truly magical evening on the Abatan River. This breathtaking experience is not to be missed when you are in Bohol.

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Why Abatan River Firefly Tour is special ?

Abatan River Firefly Tour is a truly magical evening on the Abatan River. Join in the tour, you will board your traditional bandong at Abatan River Visitor Centre and settle back to enjoy the wonders of nightlife on the River. This tour will take you gently up the beautiful Abatan River through its twists and bends revealing an amazing light show of millions of tiny fire flies. This breathtaking experience is not to be missed when you are in Bohol.

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What to explore at Abatan River Firefly Tour?

Firefly Watching gives tourists a magical treat in Bohol. Approaching the lobby area is already an experience in itself. A girl wearing what seemed like a tribal costume held a clay pot with white smoke rising from it, dances around you. This is part of a ritual called “Palina” to make sure you are protected from bad spirits. The ride is very relaxing. The guide will tell you about the mangroves in the area and the importance of protecting them. If a tree is cut, the fireflies will transfer to another area and, most likely, never come back. Firefly Watching Tour will be definitely an unforgettable experience when you visit Bohol.

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How to get to Abatan River Firefly Tour?

To explore the Abatan River at night and watch the firefly, your journey starts at the Abatan River Visitor Center in Cortes. The Abatan River Visitor Center is 7.7km driving from Tagbilaran Airport. Public utility vehicles (buses, jeepneys and vans) that regularly ply the Tagbilaran City-Tubigon route pass by Abatan River Visitor Center. You can also hire a taxi or van to get there.

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Selling points

  • Like a tree with Christmas lights made of fireflies
  • Beautiful scene like in a movie
  • Stunning blinking firefly in the dark night
  • Great way to see firefly in Bohol
  • Breathtaking marvel of nature
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Tips for you

  • Before the 7:30 PM start of the tour, you are offered fresh buko juice as welcome drinks.
  • You are allowed to take pictures but flashes are discouraged.
  • Tourists are prohibited from going near the trees so the fireflies in their habitat won’t be disturbed.
  • The boat operator will use his flashlight to point towards the tree, you should take this chance to capture the scene.
  • The center also offers fireflies kayaking along the Abatan River. Rates: double kayak (PhP300), single kayak (PhP200), tour guide (PhP200).
  • Rates (tour, entrance fee, life jacket and boat rental): 1-10 guests (PhP500/pax) and 11-20 guests (PhP400/pax).
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