100!Egg Mud Bath

Attraction Nguyen Tat Thanh, Phuoc Ha, Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa Published on: 13-11-2015

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100!Egg Mud Bath has 17 hectares of a lush green atmosphere where offers numerous areas shows, activities and services found all over Vietnam

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Why 100!Egg Mud Bath is special ?

Enjoying a pretty valley location 6km southwest of Nha Trang, this place gets its names from the egg-shaped private pods (300,000d/180,000d per adult/child) where couples or kids can indulge in a little mud play. All kinds of mud plastering (250,000d), wraps and scrubs are offered. You'll also find pools and tubs (that can be filled with herbs and essential oils) scattered around this huge complex, which also has a restaurant.

Mud bath therapy has been known for treating many diseases such as leprosy, chronic joint diseases, tuberculosis, scrofula and many more. Mineral mud is a combination of mud and mineral spring water. It's main elements include carbon sodium silicon and other elements for anti bateria. The effect of mineral mud gives a strong stimulation to the skins nervous center beneath the brain cortex. The mud is a quick hardener thus when applied to the skin and dried, the quick drying mud acts as an adhesive, removing the dead skin cells. After the mud has been washed off, it will leave your skin feeling young, healthy and even silky smooth.

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What to explore at 100!Egg Mud Bath?

There was loads more to do at the egg mud baths other than sitting around and spaing it up. You could go shopping, kayaking or even rock climbing. There were also a few food outlets there, including The Egg Restaurant which served everything you could ever imagine containing eggs. Stalls sold stuff like burgers and pizzas and there were a few cafes on the grounds too.

You could book in for a massage, eat your way around the cafes, or take your own food and make the most of the BBQ picnic area.

Head on down to Ponaga Gardens and check out the botanical garden, camping areas, cultural houses and much much more! Paradise never seemed so much closer until 100 Egg Mud Bath.

How to get to 100!Egg Mud Bath?

Hire a motorbike. Go along Nguyen Tat Thanh Street until the three-way Phuoc Dong intersection and take the road to Cam Ranh Airport. Proceed for 100 meters, turn right into the road to Hoang Nguu Mountain, and pass through a residential area before reaching

You can ask your hotel reception which most offer a great price of VDN130,000 one way, never go there by meters, it drains your wallet. The trip takes you approximately at least 20 minutes, so relax yourself and enjoy the nature along the way. For your return trip, there are lots of taxi waiting outside the park.

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Selling points

  • “Great relaxation with family”
  • “kids love this place”
  • “Fun Fun Fun ! ! ! !”
  • “Mud bath in an egg shell ”
  • “Nice experience for relaxing”
3 days 2 nights in Nha Trang for Budget travel

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Nguyen Tat Thanh, Phuoc Ha, Phuoc Dong, Nha Trang, Khanh Hoa

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Tips for you

  • Shuttle bus: 2.50USD (50 000 VND). Direct pick up from your hotel (ask your hotel reception) Consider a taxi if you are a group of 4+ (one way is around 100 000VND for the 8km from the touristic area of Nha Trang)
  • You can store your valuables and clothes behind the front desk and in the free lockers respectively.
  • Staffs give you a plastic bag to cover your phone.
  • The changing rooms for males and females are separate. The changing room is simple but is fully equipped with showering and washroom service, further in are two areas filled with lockers.
  • There aren't much seats and hooks for you while you change your clothes,
  • Once you’ve had your mud bath you’re required to have a change of swimsuit
  • If you are to go by taxi, consider stopping at the Cham Towers; it's on the way and 3km from the Hot Spring Center.
  • Allowed extra cash if you want to have a private mud bath/massage/manicure services/rent towels.
    Ticket and Pricing
  • There is a restaurant sitting on the Cai River just 50m down the road from the Hot Spring Center. Spectacular view on the Cai River and some activities for the familly as well.
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We booked the mud baths through our hostel son & daughter guesthouse and because we stayed with them got a 5% discount which made things a little sweeter. When you arrive you are given a locker but much like the other reviews we were told to leave our valuables behind the main desk because the lockers weren't safe?? Having read the reviews before we prepared for this and took a padlock to lock our backpacks before putting them in a locker just in case, I would recommend doing this also. The mud baths are not what we expected as the mud is cold and watery but an experience non the less. After this you get in jacuzzi type baths which are lovely and then make your way to the hot and cold pools. Yes the hot pool is certainly hot and I would recommend following the sign to stay in for 15 minutes and then get in the cold pool or take a moment to cool down on the sun beds as we chose to ignore this and almost passed out when we got out!! Our own stupid fault. We ate at the Vietnamese restaurant near the entrance and had a lovely inexpensive meal before we left. A nice morning over all :)

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